Friday, October 29, 2010

6 Months

Wow!  6 months Ava has been out of the orphanage.  Orphanage No 16 will always hold a place in my mind and heart.  It was by all accounts a very nice orphanage.  The women their seemed to really love the children, the Director was very nice to all adopting families, but, it was an orphanage.  It wasn't a home, the women weren't mommies to the children, I'm sure they couldn't get to all the children and hug them, and kiss them and comfort them.  Ava is home, our home.  We have people tell us all the time how lucky she is, well to tell you the truth, WE are the lucky ones.  We have been so blessed by this little girl, this little bundle of energy.  God had us in mind for this little girl.  That is so hard for me to wrap my mind around.  Our Ava, half way around the world was OURS.  I jumped in with both feet, but Tom was scared.  He thought about all the what ifs....that he very easily could have talked himself out of the adoption.  He went in praying that God would show him the way, and God DID show him all the way to Ava.  He opened all the doors that were in front of us, he gave Tom wisdom when he asked for it.  I have seen the love of a father for a little girl and I see the look on his face when she runs to him and calls out dadda, and it is pure joy and LOVE.  Thank God for all things.  He knew Ava before she was even born, and He had such a wonderful plan in store for her.


Jen said...

Great post! It does sort of boggle the mind how it all just ends up working out perfectly.

My husband was the same way - hesitant and concerned - now though Natalia has him wrapped around her little finger. It's amazing to different than a dad with his boys.

Our Family said...

I just came across your post...we adopted our little boy from St. home number 16! We have been home 3 months now!

Sally said...

Our Family,

Would you mind sharing your email or blogger site with me. I'd love to talk to ya.