Monday, October 25, 2010

Dedication to the Lord

On Sunday, we had Ava dedicated at our church.  We have been on a waiting list to have her dedicated since we brought her home.  I have to say, the Lord really knows what he is doing!  I was a little perturb that we had to wait soooo long to have this done.  We wanted to have Ava dedicated right away when we brought her home in May.  Well with our church they only do dedications on certain Sundays and there are a lot of families wanting to have their children dedicated.  So on the waiting list we go.  Well when I got the call for the date of the dedication, I was perturbed again, because it was the annual Girls Weekend to Door County, so that meant that I couldn't go!  O.K. put my attitude back in place, remembering that I knew I would give up a lot when bringing home this beautiful girl.  So Sunday comes, and we are at church and it was a beautiful fall day.  We have our singing and then it is our turn for the dedication.  Everything went well, Tom did a great "brief" story of our life to having Ava.  It was very emotional, and very heartfelt, that there were many who were crying right along with us.  We have been sooo blessed by this little girl that God felt belonged to us.  Tom was soooo scared to follow Gods calling of Adoption, but now that he did, he sees the gift that God has given us and we couldn't be any happier.  Well after the dedication, we had our message, the topic was wonderful for the friends and family that were their to witness Avas dedication.  It was the right message at the right time, and once again I say God is Good!  His timing is everything, and who am I to say, whaaaaa, whaaaa, I missed my time with the girls?!

After the church service, we all went back to our house.  We had a wonderful time of fellowship and eating!  The party was wonderful and Ava did a great job.  She even took her nap, and was an Angel for us!


Jeanette said...

Congratulations, Ava! Looks like a very special day! Glad it went so well!

As I look at how sweet and calm Ava looks in your arms, I think about how that would not be the scenario with us. I would be sweating from chasing Grace all around!

Mama Fish said...

What a beautiful family you are! Your little daughter is absolutely precious!