Monday, September 27, 2010

TuTu Cute

Let me just say, it is soooooo much fun dressing Ava.  I love to go to Gymboree and find all the cute girl things I used to dream about when I would shop for the boys.

Tom and the boys are like, "What is SHE wearing?"  I just look at them and say a TuTu, and dosen't she look cute!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


We have been very busy here.  Football is going great for Trevor.  He has been kicking the extra points and he has been superb.  He has been practicing his field goals and he can now kick a 37 yard field goal.  That was in a really nice outdoor football stadium.  So it may be different if the conditions were not so nice.  Trevor will now have a chance to play more, as 2 players on his team now have broken their arm or injured themselves.  I am looking forward to what lies ahead for him.  We are now looking into a different high school for him, as our high school does not have a good football team at all.

Andrew is busy with football and soccer.  His team for football is not doing very good, poor Tom, he is the coach and it just kills him when the kids don't show up to play.  The problem with the league Andrew is in, anyone can play no matter if the kids want to or not.  Tom and I have seen a lot of kids playing who really don't want to be there.  They whine and complain and it is very frustrating for the kids who actually are good and want to DO good.

Austin is busy doing his soccer and he will be going to his homecoming in a couple of weeks.  This will be his first time at a school dance.  I'm a bit nervous hoping things work out o.k. for him and his date.

Tyler is busy, busy, busy.  He is in charge of the School Fall Play again this year, and I told him not to do it.  It is a lot of hours, with no thanks from anyone and it is right when he needs to be working on his college applications.  He also has his job to make money and not to mention all the homework involved with these AP courses.  I don't know how he does it?

Ava, well she is changing.  She is definately her own little person.  She knows what she wants, and when she wants it.  Her hair is finally growing, but she still has not put on any weight.  She has gotten taller, but can still wear the 12-18 months clothes.  We are still adjusting to life at home with no brothers around.  Today, we went and had breakfast with Kelly and Julie, and Ava loved the Pumpkin Cheesecake pancakes!  We like to visit the park and go on lots of walks.  The weather here has been really beautiful.

Ava taking Samson for a swing ride.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Tyler wanted Ava dressed up so he could take
some pictures with her
Ava was very overwhelmed by all the kids
there were 26 in all!

Ava and Tyler and Me

Tylers friend Kelsey
(I think she is adorable, she looks like an angel)
Senior Year
Enjoy it!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Look at that face

I mean Samson, boy does he need a hair cut.  I just haven't had the time.  I guess I will take him into the doggy day spa and have them clean him up.  Tyler and Ava sure look cute, maybe a little off the top for Tyler too!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Wittle Buddy is 11! How can that be?

I have always called Andrew my wittle buddy, and he now hates it.  I'm sad that he is growing up, but he is an awesome son who loves life and loves sports.  Around here, there are no "free nights" to celebrate because of football, more football, soccer, more soccer, and yet more soccer and just to add variety, Homecoming weekend.  So I just bought a store bought cake that he asked for and we sang Happy Birthday after his football practice and just honored Andrew.  Happy Birthday Andrew!  We love you.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Extra Weight

Ugggghhhhhh, you know how most women will take off weight over the summer because they want to have a great "beach body"?  Well this puppy right here, loves to put weight on over the summer and spend the next 5 or 6 months trying to lose it all.  I did much better this year than last, I only gained 10 pounds, while last year I put on a whopping 25!  I know it shames me to think of the roller coaster I am on.  But, I do love to sit in the sun and watch the kids play in the water and SNACK!  I love all the chips, dips, breads, carbs that cross my lips!

All that to say, I did start back to the gym today.  I do like to exercise with a group.  I am not motivated to do anything on my own.  So I dusted off my sneakers, got out my headband, dragged Ava along and success.  I went and "did" Victor!  It did feel really good to go and workout again, since I haven't done anything since April.

Ava did very well in the nursery while there, we will see how she is this afternoon.  She seems to do well in the nursery at church, but then has a melt down after.  I mean, crying, clinging to me and it is soooo not like her.  I figured I would take it slow and see if we can ease her into the transition.

On another note, some friends of ours called our house and asked what size shoe is Ava wearing?  I thought it was odd, but told her and asked her why she wanted to know.  She replied, you'll see.  Well not more than 2 hours later, here she is toting a huge bag full of shoes!  She owns a building and one of the renters was Stride Rite, well I guess they are going out of business so she brought over some leftover shoes that were lying around.  Oh man, Oh man, we have shoes everywhere.  Ava will have shoes until she is 5!

There are 19 shoes right here, and there are still
more that I didn't photograph!

So I guess I will have to go shopping now for outfits for all the cute shoes!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Summer How I Love Thee, Please Don't Go!

Friday night, the offical start of a fabulous 3 day weekend, I spent at a soccer game.  It was a high of 56 and Ava and I watched Andrews team play while we cuddled under some blankets and we ate our kettle corn.  I was dressed for winter, and so was Ava.  Luckily the clothes she wore in St. Petersburg still fit her, because I don't have any winter clothes for her yet this year.  After the soccer game, we drove to the Lake and we unpacked and got settled in our nice warm beds.  Saturday morning came, and it looked a whole bunch like fall, but our friends came and we made the best of it.  It really dosen't seem to bother the kids what the temperature is outside, they just love to be doing things on and in the water.  Saturday night we built a campfire and this was Avas first one!  We made the s'mores and boy oh boy did Ava LOVE those.  The kids found a toad, and Ava liked looking at it, she wasn't sure if she should hold it, but she did touch it with her finger.  Sunday we played and relaxed and when it came to Monday, it started out this cold dismal day, but it turned quickly to beautiful sunshine and warmer temperatures.  I sat watching the kids having fun, talking with friends and I didn't want it to end.  I was mourning my loss of summer fun.  See, from here on out, it is all football and soccer, no more weekends at the lake, or relaxing by the fire.  It is go, go, go, and I miss my friends already just thinking about it.

Playing Yahtzee, can you believe that I actually won this game? 
I am not a very good Yahtzee player!

David, frying up the bacon, it was just a little fire!
Ava, eating the bacon and loving it.

David with a nice catch!
It was a little over 3 pounds
I think Trevor holds the record this year
for a 5 pounder Large Mouth Bass

Ava loves tubing

The girls

Last run of the year,
Yup, Andrew tube popped,
he rode it back while it was deflating.
It was really hysterical to watch him in the tube.

Looking cute still

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Little of this and a little of that

School has been going well for the boys, I have done 2 of the 4 open houses, and it seems like we are in a pretty good routine.  I signed Ava up for a Mommy and Me class at the local gymnastics place.  I don't know what I got myself into, but Ava and I were the only ones in that class.  There were supposed to be 2 other girls, but they were not there.  Ava did however love watching the older girls ages 3-5 practice.  When it came down to doing the things, Ava did fine I guess.  She did not like to be the center of attention, and got "shy" when we watched her do things.  When we wouldn't "watch" her, she did great.  I have to say my princess sure looked cute in her outfit.  With the boys, I NEVER did anything like this, so this is a first for me, but heck shes my princess!  Tom would rather her do soccer or volleyball than gymnastics, but for petes sake, shes only 19 months old, how is she going to "set" a volleyball?

I told you she was too cute
in her outfit

Trevor is playing football, albeit, somewhat limited because of his broken arm.  He is on a football team that is considered "travel" and it is a high level, very serious team.  Trevor is very talanted at sports, and as I tell him he is a coaches dream.  He dosen't complain, he loves to learn, listens to instructions and is very sportsman like.  Well I can't wait to have him back to full capacity for football.  It is very hard for him to sit on the sidelines and watch his teammates with bad tackles and not get in the game to inspire him.  So for right now, he is the extra point kicker, kicker for kick offs and plays safety.  I love to watch football, it is so involved and he really is smart at it.  When he was playing safety, he didn't let anything happen on his side of the ball, we were so proud of him and his efforts.  In one of the games, he even had an interception.  On kick off, he had an awesome kick that the opponent was running back, and Trevor was able to tackle him in the open field, classic text book and it felt good for him.

Ava met a girl and started playing and sharing toys
Austin made his school soccer team also.  So needless to say, we have been doing A LOT of watching games Ava and I.  We enjoy it, and Ava loves to snack on the goodies I put in her bag to keep her busy.  She steals the show whenever we go somewhere with her cute smile and her dimples!

Austin #24