Tuesday, April 30, 2013

3 Years ago....

Tyler and I were picking up Ava Grace:

The caretakers took her clothes from me
and brought her back to me like this

She still had her photo book that we left with her
on trip 1 

Tyler was in love
he was so happy to have a sister 

this is Ava Grace now
in Bahamas

eating her favorite
broccoli cheddar from Panera 

blowing bubbles
pretending to have Rapunzel hair
with her sweatshirt.

We are so blessed to have Ava Grace in our lives.  She is our sunshine and our angel and I tell her that all the time.  God is good in all His ways, acknowledge Him.  We say thank you God for your gift of Ava Grace.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Fun in the warm Caribbean sun

This was a winter that just seemed to drag on and on....

I was downright miserable with the cold and snow....

at the last minute (literally), I booked us on a Royal Caribbean cruise to Bahamas...

Thank you God for all of your beauty, warm sun, water and sand....

We had a blast.

First stop Atlantis.....first impressions, huge place, really neat, really crowded, EXPENSIVE...

 Atlantis Beach

Tired from a fun day playing in the pools at Atlantis and Beaches

 Second Day:  Coco Cay
Fun relaxing in the sun and beach

Nice flex Trevor

a little snorkeling for these 2

some sea shells for her

Third stop, Key West, FL
Trolley Tour

Butterfly Conservatory....I have to say by far this is the best Butterfly house I have been too.

more snorkeling for these guys

and then home....
I am rejuvinated by the sun and I even got a little tan.

We did miss you bunches Tyler, so sorry school got in the way.