Monday, July 25, 2011

Mini Trip to Hershey, PA

Tom and I took 4 of the kiddos and headed to Hershey PA.  I went to Hershey when I was a young girl and remember thinking it was a neat place.  It's a long drive, Ava did wonderfully for that long in the car seat.  The weather was HOT, HOT, HOT.

Our first stop was at Indian Echo Caverns, it was a cool 52 degrees, and it felt wonderful.  It is a really neat experience to tour the caverns.

next, we stopped at Hershey Chocolate World
where they sell these huge things of candy.
The boys were sad that they couldn't get any
because it would have melted, it was so HOT!

The candy bar Andrew is holding cost $50.00

This is our first day at Hershey Park,
we got to enter the park 1 hour early to ride a few rides
it was already 93 degrees at 9 am.
I laugh at this picture now,
 Tom got motion sick after riding the Carusel ride
our first ride!
Ava on the other hand, had no problem riding every single ride.
I have my roller coaster partner as soon as she gets bigger! 
the rest of day, we spent in the water park, and I didn't capture a single picture because it was so hot,
and so crowded I didn't take my camera out of the back pack.

The next day, Tom took the boys and did paint balling in the Poconos.
They loved it, and Tom didn't take any pictures, bummer

while the boys were paint balling, Ava and I did some more fun things in Hershey.
Ava at the butterfly garden.
It was a neat experience.

then we went back to Hershey park and enjoyed even more rides.
I'm telling ya, this girl loves the rides. 

Ava in front of Milton Hershey statue and fountain 

Then we went up the Poconos again and Tom and the boys went Whitewater Rafting
and Ava and I did a bike ride.  Very pretty

a waterfall along the bike path that we enjoyed

along my bike path, I could see the river where the guys were.
we biked and found a spot where the raft was in an easy section and
Tom got out and tried to swim to us, but he couldn't get to us because
of the current. 

and now we are home, but I'm tired from all the driving!  It's exhausting!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer fun

This year, we have been able to enjoy the lake so much.  We have had wonderful memories with friends and family made and the weather has been warm (hot) so we can enjoy the water.

Ava loves to ride on the wave runners, tube, fish and play with the water in the beach, but she still dosen't much care to swim in it when you take her deep.

Ava getting ready to go tubing with Sara

Ava with Sara, not sure about the swimming in the deep 

Ava found a caterpillar
she wasn't sure what to do with it 
Jim and Pam 
Nicole with her huge catch 

Our annual double family photo 

My Best Friend Kelly 

the gang getting ice cream 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cute Dress

I found this adorable dress online and just had to share:

Go here if you want to see what other cute things she makes!

Trevor and Ava sharing breakfast toast 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Avas Fish

While at the lake house Tom taught Ava how to fish.  Tom bought her a princess pole and off they went.  Tom put a worm on the hook, and Ava knew just what to do.  Sure enough, a tiny sunfish swallowed that worm and Ava caught her first fish.  After that, she wanted to do it again and again.  She caught several small fish and had so much fun.  She wanted to hold it and touch them, that is until one of the fish jumped out of her hand and hit her in the face!

Not to be out done, Trevor caught a big carp, eewwww!

And Austin caught a Catfish at a friends pond. 

Friday, July 8, 2011

Nice Shiner Huh?

Poor Ava Grace, pulled the heavy kitchen chair down on top of her.  She cried and cried, but she is getting better every minute.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July

I'm tired, I can barely move my arms, and I think I gained a few pounds.  Why?  Well we celebrated at the lake.  At the lake for us means, extreme tubing, knee boarding, water skiing, kayaking, swimming, canoe sinking and many other activities.

Ava Grace loved the lake last year, this year, ummmmm not so much.

Tyler and Ava playing in the sand

Jacob carrying Ava to a safe place 

Julie taking Ava for a ride 

loaded up the pontoon boat to watch the fire works

Kelly getting ready to ski 

this is how Ava enjoyed playing in the lake.
This is water to wash our feet off in 

Mark building a castle for Ava 

Nathan and Austin
silly boys! 


hot dogs on the open fire

followed up with S'mores!
very American! 

on the way home 

brotherly love? 
Waiting for Ice Cream
Caitlyn waiting for some ice cream 

We had a great weekend
I also want to thank all the men and women
who fight and die for our freedom.