Friday, October 22, 2010

Just keep going, Just keep going - Normal Life

Not much happening around here:  My life just keeps going, and so do the kids.

Tom, Trevor and I did have an interview today, for Trevor to attend a Christian High School.  It went as well as could be expected.  The day started off horrible tho.  Trevor woke up with such a bad attitude, he is going thru a time in his life where he is WAY TALKING BACK TO US!!!  I MEAN WAY, WAY, WAY!!!  To the point where it is pretty evident that he is trying to "find" himself.  I don't much care for the attitude, so I hope he finds himself soon so we can be done with it!

So at the interview, one question was:  what area of your life do you think you need the most help in?  His answer:  RESPECTING ADULTS!  Amen to that, do you consider your parents part of the Adults part?

Well other than the normal battles we have going on here, all is well.

sorry no pictures, I have been terrible at remembering to bring the camera along.

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