Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Weekend

On Friday, Andrew had his Halloween Celebration Party at school.  We watched the whole school give a parade for the parents and it was fun and scary seeing some of the costumes.  Ava really didn't know what to think of the whole thing.
Andrew is a Ninja Gangster
(because we had the costume left over)
On Saturday, Andrew had his last football game.
He scored a touchdown! Yeah!
also, they wore the pink tape to bring awareness to
breast cancer! 

Andrew carves the pumpkin all by himself
Ava liked watching, not participating! 
Here she is watching Andrew,
she started off in this
Princess outfit, but..... 
ended up in this Kitty Costume
(it was warmer, as it was really cold outside) 

Once again, Kelly had us over to her house and a few of the
kids went out trick or treating.
The girls went with the parents,
the boys didn't want to be seen with us! 

After Ava ate this 3 Musketeer, she kinda threw up on Tom

She went home and had a good dinner then.


Jen said...

Fantastic post - I love it: "She kind of threw up on Tom."

I love the costumes and all of the great fall pictures.

P.S. I commented after you on Jeanette's blog, but I think there's a place you can buy the Russian princess costumes online? I Googled it once and found a couple of places.

Jeanette said...

Ava looks too cute! I'm still jealous that she will pose for you!!!!

We did buy the outfit in Moscow and I never intended it for Halloween. I thought it would be something for Grace to pass down to her children one day. But then I thought she has no other reason to ever wear it so a Russian Princess she was :)