Friday, October 29, 2010

6 Months

Wow!  6 months Ava has been out of the orphanage.  Orphanage No 16 will always hold a place in my mind and heart.  It was by all accounts a very nice orphanage.  The women their seemed to really love the children, the Director was very nice to all adopting families, but, it was an orphanage.  It wasn't a home, the women weren't mommies to the children, I'm sure they couldn't get to all the children and hug them, and kiss them and comfort them.  Ava is home, our home.  We have people tell us all the time how lucky she is, well to tell you the truth, WE are the lucky ones.  We have been so blessed by this little girl, this little bundle of energy.  God had us in mind for this little girl.  That is so hard for me to wrap my mind around.  Our Ava, half way around the world was OURS.  I jumped in with both feet, but Tom was scared.  He thought about all the what ifs....that he very easily could have talked himself out of the adoption.  He went in praying that God would show him the way, and God DID show him all the way to Ava.  He opened all the doors that were in front of us, he gave Tom wisdom when he asked for it.  I have seen the love of a father for a little girl and I see the look on his face when she runs to him and calls out dadda, and it is pure joy and LOVE.  Thank God for all things.  He knew Ava before she was even born, and He had such a wonderful plan in store for her.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Worless Wednesday-Rain and Soccer=warm car

I have never seen green birds before,
they came in in a group and left in a group
weird and wild 
anyone know what they are?

Monday, October 25, 2010

Dedication to the Lord

On Sunday, we had Ava dedicated at our church.  We have been on a waiting list to have her dedicated since we brought her home.  I have to say, the Lord really knows what he is doing!  I was a little perturb that we had to wait soooo long to have this done.  We wanted to have Ava dedicated right away when we brought her home in May.  Well with our church they only do dedications on certain Sundays and there are a lot of families wanting to have their children dedicated.  So on the waiting list we go.  Well when I got the call for the date of the dedication, I was perturbed again, because it was the annual Girls Weekend to Door County, so that meant that I couldn't go!  O.K. put my attitude back in place, remembering that I knew I would give up a lot when bringing home this beautiful girl.  So Sunday comes, and we are at church and it was a beautiful fall day.  We have our singing and then it is our turn for the dedication.  Everything went well, Tom did a great "brief" story of our life to having Ava.  It was very emotional, and very heartfelt, that there were many who were crying right along with us.  We have been sooo blessed by this little girl that God felt belonged to us.  Tom was soooo scared to follow Gods calling of Adoption, but now that he did, he sees the gift that God has given us and we couldn't be any happier.  Well after the dedication, we had our message, the topic was wonderful for the friends and family that were their to witness Avas dedication.  It was the right message at the right time, and once again I say God is Good!  His timing is everything, and who am I to say, whaaaaa, whaaaa, I missed my time with the girls?!

After the church service, we all went back to our house.  We had a wonderful time of fellowship and eating!  The party was wonderful and Ava did a great job.  She even took her nap, and was an Angel for us!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Just keep going, Just keep going - Normal Life

Not much happening around here:  My life just keeps going, and so do the kids.

Tom, Trevor and I did have an interview today, for Trevor to attend a Christian High School.  It went as well as could be expected.  The day started off horrible tho.  Trevor woke up with such a bad attitude, he is going thru a time in his life where he is WAY TALKING BACK TO US!!!  I MEAN WAY, WAY, WAY!!!  To the point where it is pretty evident that he is trying to "find" himself.  I don't much care for the attitude, so I hope he finds himself soon so we can be done with it!

So at the interview, one question was:  what area of your life do you think you need the most help in?  His answer:  RESPECTING ADULTS!  Amen to that, do you consider your parents part of the Adults part?

Well other than the normal battles we have going on here, all is well.

sorry no pictures, I have been terrible at remembering to bring the camera along.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Family Pictures, Tyler Graduation Pictures

Back in August, Tyler needed to get his Graduation Pictures taken for school.  Our school uses a local photographer to take the pictures.  I asked the company if part of the sitting fee, we could take some family pictures, and he said yes.  I was pleased with how they turned out.  I scanned the pictures that I bought, so I wanted to share them with you!

I am really pleased with how they turned out.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Homecoming #2

Well what a wild and crazy weekend we had here.

Austin had his homecoming this weekend.  This is/was his first dance that he wanted to attend.  He asked a girl that goes to the "sister" school of his, since Austin attends an all boys Military School.  On Saturday, the boys had to march in full "Class A" uniforms, and it was very HOT here.  Weird weather for October, but it got to 89 degrees and the boys were in wool.  The game and the halftime activities went fine, drove them home and Austin got ready for the dance.  On our way to take pictures at the girls house, an older lady who was in the right lane, decided to turn left, but didn't see me, so we had an accident.  It all happened very fast, and I was very glad that Ava was not in the car, no one was injured.  The police came, but it took a very long time, so the girls parents came and picked up Austin and took them to the dinner and then on to homecoming dance.

Tom was just telling me on Friday, that I have had a lot of "almosts" with accidents.  I guess my likely hood of having accidents is increasing because of the amount of time spent in the car driving.

The police wrote the lady up for a ticket citing:  illegal left turn!  Ummmm yep, I'd say so!

I think they look nice! 

Friday, October 8, 2010

 Well once again my beautiful princess let me take some pictures of her.  This was just a regular day, we went to Sams Club and Target and the weather was just beautiful.  I am loving being a mommy again to a toddler.  Does it have its challeges?  Oh YES!  Do I miss my freedom of doing whatever, whenever I want during the day?  Oh YES!  I wouldn't trade it for the world tho.  Ava has changed our household 10 fold around here.  I love to see the boys with her and their way of showing love is different for each one of them.  Ava absolutely adores all of her brothers and is most happy when they are around and playing with her.

Ava is telling me that she is "1".  I know it looks like she is picking her nose,
but nope she loves to tell us how old she is:

 I got my strap in the way on this, she started walking towards me, and I had to move

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Ava took my camera bag and used it as a purse
she then started to turn and give me
model poses! 

Work it baby! 

Avas "cheesy" smile

The weather here has been absolutely beautiful.  Ava and I have been going to the park A LOT!  She loves, loves, loves the slides and is not afraid of anything.  We are working on her to hang from the monkey bars, but dosen't "get it" yet. 

Ava is learning about "disipline" now.  She has begun to test what she can do.  If I tell her "no" she sees what she will get away with.  I am the "bad" mommy, as mommy is trying to NOT have a spoiled princess around.  The boys on the other hand give in to her ALL the time.

We have been getting to the health club, and she is doing good in there.  She loves to play with the toys there.  We have also been attending my Bible Study classes and she seems to do well there also.  I am glad that she is adjusting to these new environments.

Ava will now eat almost anything.  She no longer eats baby food, but she is still not that fond of Milk.  We do still give her a sippy cup of it, but she will only drink one a day.