Friday, August 28, 2015

Spring Break 2015 Part 2

Part 2

Disney Fantasy
Beautiful Ship
My girl with some attitude

The next day
We were able to meet the Princesses
First up


We were able to get in on this pic too
Not sure why I am hunched over,
I felt very tall next to her so felt I needed to hunch

One of Avas favorite places to sit

Ava was SO excited to see Tink
She quick ran back to the room to change her outfit to match.
Can I say, later that night we ran into Belle in the hallway,
She remembered Avas name....CRAZY

Chip N Dale

Chip N Dale Sandwich Ava

blowing kisses to all her fans


so happy to play with Stitch
Peter Pan

Off to Neverland


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Spring Break 2015 part 1

We found a somewhat great deal to go on a Disney Cruise during Spring Break...maybe because it was just Tom, Ava Grace and myself.  It was a much needed time away and time to bond with our sweet Angel.

We started off with swimming
We then went to the Sail Away Party
we were up on the top deck and it was windy

after the sail away party we ran into a few friends:


The sunset was a thing of Gods beauty

This was one of Avas favorite places to hang out:

The chandelier in the main entry was beautiful

Our first stop was St. Maarten
We just hung around the beach all day and shopped

On the boat Ava loved swimming and the slides
of course watching a few Disney movies while swimming is all the better

We also stopped at the private Island for Disney
Castaway Cay:
I ran the 5K there, I seem to not have pictures of myself doing this...
I did receive a medal tho...
Ava Grace swam ALL DAY LONG.
She didn't come out of the water at all!

Disney Fantasy

Back on the Boat we saw more friends:
Anna and Elsa

Formal Night
My loves

Loving the vacation and loving my honey and angel

Minnie dressed up for formal night

Ava wanted this Pluto stuffie:

Ava with the real Pluto
playing with Pluto, so fun