Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Ava took my camera bag and used it as a purse
she then started to turn and give me
model poses! 

Work it baby! 

Avas "cheesy" smile

The weather here has been absolutely beautiful.  Ava and I have been going to the park A LOT!  She loves, loves, loves the slides and is not afraid of anything.  We are working on her to hang from the monkey bars, but dosen't "get it" yet. 

Ava is learning about "disipline" now.  She has begun to test what she can do.  If I tell her "no" she sees what she will get away with.  I am the "bad" mommy, as mommy is trying to NOT have a spoiled princess around.  The boys on the other hand give in to her ALL the time.

We have been getting to the health club, and she is doing good in there.  She loves to play with the toys there.  We have also been attending my Bible Study classes and she seems to do well there also.  I am glad that she is adjusting to these new environments.

Ava will now eat almost anything.  She no longer eats baby food, but she is still not that fond of Milk.  We do still give her a sippy cup of it, but she will only drink one a day.


Jeanette said...

How the heck do you get Ava to sit and pose for a picture??? Grace is always moving!!! Love the Halloween outfit :)

Grace knows all about discipline :) She sits in time out at least 5 times a week. I also do not want the spoiled little princess around. She's learning!

Try chocolate milk. Grace will not drink plain milk, but downs the chocolate milk. I only put a little bit of chocolate in and she loves it! Our doctor says it fine.

dnd82001 said...

Maybe try warm milk - that is the only way my son will drink milk - makes sense as he was only given warm milk at the babyhouse............he wouldn't eat cold cereal until one day I thought let me try it with warm milk and he likes it!

Hope this helps!