Monday, November 29, 2010

How do YOU do Thanksgiving?

This is how the boys did their Thanksgiving:

yes, we do eat everything we hunt!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Who Knew?

Who would have guessed that Tyler was an Actor?  Now Tyler has been working in the Fall Play and Spring Musical ever since he was a Freshmen, but he was always behind the scenes.  We would go to see the play or musical and never see him, but knew that he spent many countless hours working on it.  Well tonight, we got to see him in action.  Tyler was/is the Student Director, school today, the main lead got sick, I mean really sick.  The stomach flu, vomiting, the whole nine yards, sooooooo Tyler to the rescue.  He got up in front and he did AWESOME!  I tell you, this kid amazes me everyday.  Now if you ask me, the play was shall we say, not to my liking..., but the kids all loved it.  They were laughing hysterical and I was laughing just because it was so, silly.  Well Tyler you did great!  God has truly blessed you with many, many talents.  I am glad I am around to witness them.  Love ya!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Comers Children Hospital

Well today was the day that we finally got to see the International Adoption Doctor in Chicago.  We have been waiting this long because of Insurance reasons.  Well Ava was eligible to see a Dr. on November 11, so I made the appointment for November 12 at 9:30 am.  I woke up early and got myself ready, drove Austin to the train for school, then came home and got Ava up and gave her some breakfast.  We were out of the house by 7:30 am.  I wasn't sure how long it would take to get into the city with all the traffic, but it really wasn't bad.  We found where we were supposed to go, I found parking (miracle) and made our way to the Childrens Hospital.  The building is very nice, it is brand new, just opened in March.  We went to the reception desk and checked in, as I was waiting many people in scrubs came by and told me how "stunning" Ava was.  Ava was in a GREAT mood.  She laughed and smiled and waved hi to everyone who came by.  We were called in and the nurse came in and Ava immediately shook her hand and smiled at her.  We weighed Ava, she is 25.2 lbs.  They measured her head and she falls in the 25%tile for everything.  The nurse was really impressed with her development.  The nurse did a whole bunch more tests, and looking, and prodding, and Ava did GREAT!  No crying, not afraid, nothing!  A whole bunch of other nurses came in to see her even because she was doing so wonderfully.  Well then some ladies came in to do a HIB titer on her arm.  One of the ladies held her down and the other lady took a needle and injected the shot right under her skin and Ava didn't even cry.  She was watching them the whole time and didn't even flintch.  Amazing.  We spent some more time in the room and talked with the Dr., got a plan of action going and then it was time for Ava to have blood test.  They took us to the lab, and she sat in my lap and I held out her arm, they put that elastic band around her arm and she just let the technician do it.  But, when the lady put the needle in her arm and moved it around a little, and then saw the blood starting to go thru the little tube thingy, that is when she had some big crocodile tears.  Nothing too, too bad, just big ole tears.  They took 8 viles of blood and she was glad when it was done.  She got 2 stickers and then waved by to the technician.  Nothing to it!  We will go back next week, to review the tests and go over some more information.  My little princess was a big "Rock Star"!

When we first arrived

Playing with the Rubber Gloves

Cool hand balloon 

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

We live in a comfortable home, with comfortable surroundings, and you are out there protecting us.  We at our house can't say enough times how thankful we are!

We miss you Matt!  Stay safe and we will see you soon, even if it is for a very short time.

Matt serving with the Army in Iraq

Monday, November 8, 2010

Just wondering if every child from Russia.....

lines up shoes, cleans up after everyone, and loves to swiffer?

Ava totally does!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Look who got to Vote Tuesday

Well Tyler was super excited that he got to vote on Tuesday.  He has always made sure that we voted and would ask us all about it.  Well when he turned 18 that was one of the first things he was proud to do, Voting.

And just for fun, Ava wanted to wear Andrews Basketball shoes around.  She is only wearing her tights because Tyler gave her a glass of lemonade which she promptly spilled all over her dress.

She is telling us "so big"

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Weekend

On Friday, Andrew had his Halloween Celebration Party at school.  We watched the whole school give a parade for the parents and it was fun and scary seeing some of the costumes.  Ava really didn't know what to think of the whole thing.
Andrew is a Ninja Gangster
(because we had the costume left over)
On Saturday, Andrew had his last football game.
He scored a touchdown! Yeah!
also, they wore the pink tape to bring awareness to
breast cancer! 

Andrew carves the pumpkin all by himself
Ava liked watching, not participating! 
Here she is watching Andrew,
she started off in this
Princess outfit, but..... 
ended up in this Kitty Costume
(it was warmer, as it was really cold outside) 

Once again, Kelly had us over to her house and a few of the
kids went out trick or treating.
The girls went with the parents,
the boys didn't want to be seen with us! 

After Ava ate this 3 Musketeer, she kinda threw up on Tom

She went home and had a good dinner then.