Friday, July 30, 2010

Niagra Falls

Well since we were in New York and only a 3 hour drive away from Niagra Falls, I figured why not take the kids there.  I have never been here before, and the weather is beautiful.  I am so glad that we came and took a tour of the area.

Trevor took this picture
I think it looks so pretty
It could be on a postcard!

After the boat tour

before going into the cave

Avas very first firework show

being cute on the bus

Everyone should go and see this beautiful
creation!  God is amazing in His magnificent beauty!

Bleeding Orange

What kind of mascot is:

The Syracuse Orangemen?  Well I personally think it is a little weird.  Nobody could tell us why they were called that, does anyone know?

Tyler REALLY, REALLY, liked the University.  I have to say it is a nice campus and they have what he wants to major in.  If it were up to him, I think he would be coming to New York.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sooo Tired

Well I packed up Tyler, Ava, Trevor and Andrew (Austin is at Camp Timber-lee) and headed out Wednesday night at 7:30 p.m. for a 12 hour drive to New York.  Yikes I'm tired.  Ava did really great in the car AFTER the first 2 hours of whining and crying (yelling).  She fell asleep and slept for the remainder of the trip.  That was really nice.  I have to say that traveling at night has its advantages.  Andrew never fell asleep so he was completely a wreck.  Trevor took over the whole back seat and slept no problem.  Tyler and I alternated driving, I still couldn't sleep when it was my turn to, so I'm paying for it now.  After this I'm going directly to bed.

Our first stop was Cornell University:  I thought it was o.k., Tyler couldn't find anything wrong with it.  The campus is pretty with it being up on a hill, but I would hate to navigate those slopes in the winter.

Our Princess in the beautiful flowers at Cornell

Trevor killing time while waiting for the tour.

Now we drove 1 hour and we are staying in
Syracuse, New York
I never would of thought that we had some
really beautiful buildings here
just like in Russia
This is the view from our hotel
we will go to the Open House tomorrow
and then I am taking the kids to see
Niagra Falls!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

College Search

Well Tyler, Ava and I have gone to some really great colleges in 2 days.

We saw:

University of Chicago
Very nice school.  My favorite.
Tyler thinks it will be tough for him to be accepted
He is smart, but not over the top smart he says.

Next we saw:
very nice, Lake Michigan is right there
you walk along the lake to attend classes
they even have a building which is
all glass on one side to watch the lake

Then we saw:
It is neat also
It is right in the heart of Chicago

After those we saw:
Northwestern University

Phew, anybody else tired?  Ava did great, it is a long process but I feel like we learned a whole bunch.  How does anybody pick a college?  We couldn't find a negative in any of the colleges.  They were all 4 Chicago Universities, but they all "felt" completely different.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

4th of July Pics of Ava a little late

Well I know I am late, but I was going thru these pictures and thought they were cute.  Our Russian Princess, is all American!

Tom and Ava (love the Mohawk)
at our local fair

Ava got to pick a ducky for a prize
she won a pink ball
it only lasted one day
with the brothers
and they popped it!

The next day we went to Peorias Riverfront

4th of July at the Lake
I love this outfit!

This really has nothing to do with the 4th
but I thought it was cute!
Trevor taught Ava where her belly button is

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Around here

Around here, I better not let the Russian Authorities see Ava in this!

She loves to hang out with Cooper!  Now normally Coopers house is off limits, but I wasn't paying attention, and Ava just crawled right in with him.

Around here, Andrew was really bored while Trevor was not able to play with him, so he got out the Risk game pieces and made a special Army.  He worked on it for a long time.

Around here, Trevor looked nervous before Surgery:
After Surgery, he woke up in A LOT of pain, but by day 3 he no longer needs anything for the pain.

Around here, at the Lake, I forgot to get more baby food for Ava, which that is all she had been eating mostly, so I gave her a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich.

She ate it!
She didn't really love it!
But she did eat it!

Around the lake house we have lots of furry animals, we caught a friend for Cooper!

this little guy, I have to say was very cute!
Cooper loved him so much,
he let him go free!
(He got so excited watching him, he knocked the cage over)

Around here:  Ava jumps off the dock into the water with no fear!

Around here, we are now in full football mode.  Trevor is still able to attend practice, he cannot hit yet, but he has to learn the new plays.  The team brought in an ex Packers kicker, to teach Trevor proper form.  He is so excited about it.  At least he can still do that with a cast on.

Around here, I am starting to get a game plan together to look at more colleges with Tyler.  He is looking into International Relations/Affairs.  Any suggestions as to what College is good for that???  I am clueless!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Trevors Surgery was a success

Trevor had surgery on his arm.  This time they had to open up his arm and put a plate and 6 screws to help the bone heal.  He is in a lot of pain, but we are home and he is recovering.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Notice Anything Different about Trevor?

Saturday July 3

Monday July 5

Yep, the same arm, BROKEN!!!!!!

Trevor wanted to ride the ATV,
well he rode it way to fast
on a way to slippery street
and he went way down into a deep ravine!
Lucky he isn't dead!
I might kill the kid tho!
What a Huge Bummer!
Football starts in 2 weeks, Yeah Right!

By the way, the ATV is trashed!  Yep can't be repaired!
Bent Front Frame
Broken Axels
Bent Back Frame
Weels broken
and a whole lot more

Avas Doctor Appointment

Well we finally made it to the Doctor for Ava to have a check up.  I have been fighting with insurance and we had to wait to find out if Ava was covered.  We had a great check up and found out that Ava is in the 10th % for Height, and the 5th % for Weight.  Overall Doc was very pleased.  Ava did have to get 5 shots that day, and he ordered us to get a blood workup done at the hospital.  We go later today for that.  Ava overall was in a great mood as always, and the nurses who take care of all of my kids were amazed at the resemblence of her to us.  I have had many people who don't know us, tell me how much she looks like me/or Tom.  It is quite funny.  Since I was adopted also along with my 3 other siblings, we were always amused when people would say you look just like so and so.

How Old is Ava?
(she is holding up her finger, to indicate 1)

Doctor asking "How big is Ava"?
(So Big)

Looking cute!

playing Peek-a-Boo with Dr.

Letting Dr. check out everything

this is how I look after getting 5 shots!
I only cried while the nurses held me down