Monday, June 29, 2009

Lake House

It sure feels good to be at the lake again. I will be here for most of the month, Tom will go home to work. It will take a while for the kids to decompress but I'm looking forward to relaxing. Most of our paperwork is ready, we r just waiting for the homestudy to be approved. We are getting really close now. Maybe by this time next year our daughter will be here enjoying the lake. Hope you all have a great summer.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Camp #2

Here is Kelly at Great America, she is waiting for her favorite ride

The Viper

We took Austin and Nathan, we had a great day, but it was very hot

Can you believe Trevor had football camp this week?

The temp was way above 90 deg, and Trevor

said that on the field it was way over 100 deg.

He loved it though.

It is hard to tell, but that is him in all white

with a dark blue helmet.

He is playing some sort of linebacker I think.

Is this to weird.

Andrew went to camp the next day after

Trevor, and guess what? He got the same

cabin and same bed that Trevor had.

He does have a different counselor.

His name is Steve-O Andrew and Matthew in front of the infamous cabin

Saturday, June 20, 2009

1 week down

Here is Andrew at Camp, we were picking up
Trevor and listening to the awesome music.
Trevor had to make a trip to the emergency room
on Friday night at camp.
He started having a hard time breathing and his eyes were getting puffy.
The nurse thought he was having an allergic reaction (to what)?
Doc checked him out and he was fine, but I wonder what that bill is going to cost.
Cha Ching, can you say ATM (Automatic Tommy Money) to the rescue?
Camp was awesome though for Trevor
that is his leader with the bandana his name
is Ryan, and those are his bunk mates.
Here is Nathan and Andrew
at VBS
This was Monday night snack

For those of you who don't know, I help run the VBS at Westmont Alliance Church, this is Toms church where he grew up. They have wonderful people who love the Lord and want to reach out to the community there but lack some of the funds. Kelly, Julie and I help out so that this church which means so much to all of us go back each year and help out. It really is a blessing to us to have God move mountains (schedules) to see this church fill up with 70 or so kids and have laughter and smiles grace the halls. We had 5 kids accept Christ and it was such a renewal in my heart that God uses all people and all circumstances to help build His Kingdom.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Summer Time is here

Heres my wittle buddy playing a mean game of soccer
They won 5-3
Andrew did great!
Look at that technique
for his throw in! Heres my # 2 graduating from 8th Grade
Man my guys are good looking
Off to Marmion for Austin
Here is Trevor in front of his cabin

Surgery on my mouth went well. I am a little swollen on the left side but doing pretty good. I am on a liquid diet, maybe this will help me loose weight? I doubt it, I already had my 2nd bowl of ice cream with chocolate on top. Umm Umm good. Today I took Trevor to camp, he was so happy he got to go in the same cabin Hickory Hill. He was very excited to be there and couldn't wait for the fun to start. I will miss my sporto buddy.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

our ATM is very busy

Our ATM is (Automatic Tommy Money) is getting very, very low. I mean this week is a killer, Trevors Teeth, Sally Teeth, Austins Teeth, Dogs to the vet, kids needed their physicals, it just keeps on going.

Things are moving right along now for the adoption. I received my I-600a confirmation letter in the mail today Yeah, and Tom had his finger prints done. I went to have my finger prints redone. Our Letters of Referals are being done and I received the rough draft of our homestudy today.

I'll be getting my bone implant for my implant in my mouth done on Friday, YUCK, YUCK I hate the dentist and everything in the mouth.

Hopefully we will have some nice weather because it sure is yucky out.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Field Day/Sox Game/Graduation Dinner

Here is Andrew at his Field Day.
He is getting ready to throw a softball. This is us before we left for the Sox Game
On the drive in
this was a pretty view

Here is Austin and Andrew.

The Sox Game, 1st Inning
Scott Podsednik on 2nd.
Sox Lost Big Time
5 - 0
10th time shut out this season
most in the MBL (Blaaaahhh)
Pretty cool firework display afterwards.
They were really neat

Austin wanted to go to
Buffalo Wild Wings
Here is the gang celebrating

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fingerprints Done

Today I (Sally) went and had my fingerprints taken again. I did them earlier for DCFS, but apparently if you want your fingerprints for State of Illinois and the FBI you have to go and pay more money. It seems all very silly since my fingerprints didn't change and everything is done electronically now. I don't get it! Tom was way to busy with work to go today so he is going to have to go next week the place is only open on Thursday. Good news is that Tyler does not have to go this time.

Last night, I droped off more paperwork at the FedEx (sorry Pam/Jim). They only use FedEx so I had to open an account and send off my pound of paperwork to them. Then I have completed the rest of the home study paperwork and send it off to Julie our social worker. You wouldn't believe how much paperwork there is for adoption. Every government is different but I think I have knocked down a couple of trees worth.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Home Study Interview - check

Yes we had our home study interview last night and it went really well. Julie our social worker came and interviewed Tom and I and then the boys for about 2 hours. She looked around the house to make sure that our house is big enough to have another child. Everything went well, I have some more papers to fill out but overall it was good. We are another step closer to our princess.