Saturday, September 26, 2009

Homecoming Weekend

Tyler with his date Julianna
She is a very nice young lady
who also was on the Homecoming Court
She is a Senior, he a Junior way to go buddy!Pinning on the flower. No one really knows how to do that!
I think they look GREAT!!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Fall Activities

I wanted to post a picture of Austin in his Class A uniform for Marmion.
He is required to wear this at school on certain days.
I think he looks Great!This is Tom and I after Andrews friends had all of their s'mores
Tom went right to bed after this picture, he was tired
I on the other hand had 10 wild and crazy boys.
This is them after playing football, they still
had a bunch of energy
Andrew at school for his chorus concert. This is
our first time with anyone in concert.
I think he had a good time.

Tom and Andrew at half time.
Tom is the Offensive coach, Andrew plays
Andrew in the pack getting instructions.

Trevor with his defensive team, he is doing a great job.
In 4 games he has a bunch of sacs, hurried plays, interceptions
unfortunately his team is not doing very well.
I keep encouraging Trevor to just keep working on yourself
and do what you can to make yourself better.

This is Trevor kicking the ball off.
He is a great kicker, I think the soccer helps

Trevor at a tourny, their team lost in the semi-finals.
He did awesome, and no Yellow Cards

I spoke with our Adoption Agency and they are waiting on one more piece of information from our Home Study Coordinator, but things are progressing well. I really feel God at work in our lives and only He knows the perfect timing for all that happens.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy 10th Birthday Andrew

Andrew this summer at the golf course

Andrew with Samson when he was 7 year old

My how he has changed.
Hope you have a great day.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering 9/11

I remember exactly where I was on that day. I was getting ready for a clothing re-sale and I was very very busy. As you all know I am not the most orgainzed so when it comes to labeling and pricing it takes me a long time.

Well I was working away in my basement and I got a phone call from Kelly, she told me a plane just hit a building in New York, oh o.k. was my response. I continued working without the T.V. on or the radio, Kelly calls me a little later and told me I had to see this on T.V.. Well the rest of my day, I sat there on the couch unable to move with my jaw dropped open and feeling a sense of loss. I didn't know anybody in the buildings, but my heart went out to them just the same. We are blessed to live in this country and to have the rights that we have, but it is not free, our servicemen and women fight everyday so that we can be safe, I think of all the firefighters and police who sacrificed their lives for the good of others. They are true heros and deserving of honor. Lets remember all who fight for our country today and pray for them and their families.

Summers over?

Here is a fuzzy pic of our extreme tubing adventures
It starts off nice and slow but surely it
gets WILDHere is Kelly with Sara and Julie with Matthew
Julie and Me

Here I am at the Chicago Bean
When I went to get my documents
Apistille, Kelly came with and it was such a beautiful day.
We walked all around Michigan Ave and had a fun time.