Tuesday, February 16, 2010

When did that happen

Trevor has been "invited" to attend a Football Camp for high level athletes.  I am so proud of him, and his work ethic to be "invited" to this camp.  He also is on a high level soccer club in our area.   This summer, along with his football camp, his soccer team is attending a really important tournament.  Now let me just say that in the Midwest, we have clubs for every kind of sport.  If you have any kind of skills, you are on the club sports, not just the park district sports because you want the better competition.  Now because of these sports and clubs, a lot of the games, tournys, are over the weekends.  Tom and I have told all of our children that God comes first, not games, or teams.  Tom is better at upholding this virtue than I am at some times.  We are fortunate to have a church where we can attend on a Saturday night, or a Sunday morning at different times.  There have been plenty of times, where we as a family are seperate because of sports, but we feel it is important to have the children see that God is there first for us.  Here is the problem, Trevor is "invited" to this camp, he has a soccer tourny over the same weekend, and our Church has a camp for Jr. High where they can deepen their relationship with God and have a great time doing it and learning how to do it.  I told Trevor that he should go to the Football Camp, and then try and make the soccer tourny on the last day.  He thought about it for a week or more, he came to me one day and he said, Mom, I made my decision.  I was like, great football here we come, but he said to me, mom, isn't my walk with God more important than football.  He said, I think I need to go to my church camp so that my walk with God can be stronger and, I think that in the long run God will honor that decision over the football.  WHAT, did I just get a huge lesson from my 12 year old son?  You betcha I did.  He is absolutely right, that son of mine.  Tom and I tell them all the time how important it is not to get caught up in the ways of the world, and here I am pushing him to do the football because it is a great opportunity that dosen't happen very often, blah, blah, blah.  And my son who is growing up before my eyes teaches me a lesson.  So when did that happen, that my son became a stronger witness than me, it happened in the blink of an eye.  They grow up so fast.  Lesson learned, and I truly do believe that God will pave the way to where he needs to go and what to do in regards to football.

Trevor when we went skiing in January.
Thank you God for your wonderful blessings, poured out on us

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Sarah Williams said...

WOW! Great lesson and reminder for all of us.