Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Not Much Happening

Ya Right!!!  We have just a couple of documents that needed to be done, I have those completed except for a notarty and then of course the apistilling of them all.  That will be a trip to the city.  I think it will happen next week for me.

I called on our FBI fingerprints, I don't know if they will be done in time, I am going to call our Congress Woman tomorrow to see if she can help things along.  Please God, don't let this little thing stop everything from proceeding.

The boys are busy, busy.  Tyler finally got a job, he actually got 2.  He now needs to decided which one he wants.  Tom says, how bout you take both?  I don't know if that could happen, he still needs to do his schoolwork.  Afterall he is an A student, we wouldn't want anything less for him.

We have been investigating colleges lately for Tyler.  Boy it is weird, I will have one going out and one coming in.  I love it though.  Tyler is really looking forward to going to college, even though he is only a junior this year, he seems ready.

I just keep looking at the pictures and videos of our daughter, and I can't wait to go back to get her and be with her some more.  She will probably change so much by the time we see her again.

Sneek Peek of her beautiful hands!

Hope all is well with everyone, I will let you know if we hear anything in regards to a date and our FBI fingerprints.

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Kristyn and Eddie said...

Hi Sally,
I just spoke with our congressman on Friday regarding our FBI prints and it looks like they are going to take care of it for us. The FBI itself was completely unhelpful. We have court March 15th and they pretty much told me too bad. Something needs to be done about this, but I think your Congresswoman is the way to go. It's the only thing I can't cross off my list. Hope you hear something soon.