Sunday, February 21, 2010

My arm gave way!!!! Warning, graphic pictures!

Saturday was a typical day for us.  Andrew had basketball, Trevor had soccer, we came home had some lunch I continued to work on the wallpaper (yes still) and then Andrew had soccer, and Trevor had basketball.  I took Andrew to soccer and when he was done I texted Tom to see how Trevor was doing.  Tom calls back about 2 minutes later and in a nice calm voice he says "I think I have to take Trevor to the Emergency Room, his arm is in the shape of a C".  I laugh and I say "ya right, your kidding right", No he says, it is in the shape of a C, I gotta go.  I am panicking now, and I am about 40 minutes away from where he is.  I was driving right by our house, so I dropped off Andrew and rush to the hospital.  I run into the hospital, and I see my boy, with his arm surrounded by pillows and Trevor half dazed out of it.  He looks at me, and he just says "mom why me", "why did this happen to me".  I just said, oh honey, this is a right of passage for most boys, we just haven't had to deal with it, but in the whole scheme of things, I don't think this is as bad as it could have been.  We prayed together, and I sang a song to him.  It seemed to calm him down and I just kept talking to him so he wouldn't let the shock of everything take over.  I think the drugs were starting to work, he kept dozing in and out.  The doctors were wonderful, the nurses were just delightful.  One of the nurses, her son just did the same thing 2 weeks prior playing basketball.  She was a calming sense for me, and for Trevor.  I think God really put these people there for our benefit.  Well the doctor asked us to leave the room, and they put Trevor under and then put his arm back into a normal position.  So while the doctors were working on Trevor, Tom told me what had happened.  Trevor made a great play, he stole the ball and while he was stealing the ball, the ball hit off of his leg and started to roll away.  While he was going for the ball, he tripped over his team mates foot, and while Trevor was about to fall, he put his hand out to break his fall.  That is when it happened.  Trevor remembers thinking, thats weird, my arm gave way.  He stood up holding his arm and his friend and team mate started yelling "This is serious, help".  He has a splint on his arm up and over the elbow, and they wrapped it up with an ACE bandage.  We will have to go see the Orthopaedic Surgeon on Monday to see if he needs to have surgery.  We have some really excellent doctors here so I am confident that Trevor will have the best care possible.  Today, Sunday, he is doing remarkably well.  We went to his basketball game this morning so he could see his teammates and tell them that he will be fine.  Trevors friends made some cookies for him today and gave him cards to wish him well.  Attached are some pictures, but I warn you, it is a little disturbing to see them.  As a mom, you want to just shelter your children and keep them from harm, but in reality that is never going to happen.  We will continue to put our trust in God to keep us safe thru this life we lead. 

Trevor thinks his arm looks like a bananna

Tom and I think he is in a Chinese YoYo
His fingers were in that contraption to keep his arm up.

After they were done setting his arm, he had to stay for a while and try and wake up.
They wanted to make sure he could stay awake and drink some Apple Juice.

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Sarah Williams said...

Praying for quick healing for Trevor's arm. Praise God that it didn't happen while you were in St. Pete.