Tuesday, February 2, 2010

We Made It To Russia

Tom and I before leaving Chicago

This is our Lufthansa Plane

Tom and his whole row of seats

When we took off in Chicago and got above some of the clouds, I looked out the window and saw a beautiful rainbow following us.  I thanked God again at that very moment for being with us in this journey.

This is flying into St. Petersburg.  There are a lot of buildings.

Well we made it here without any problems.  We left Chicago on time and had an enjoyable flight to Frankfort.  Tom and I had our own rows of seats.  Boy was that nice to be able to stretch out our legs.  We were served dinner and breakfast.  Kelly I think I ate more bread on that flight then I did for 3 months.  They really like their bread and cheese.  We arrived in Frankfort and navigated our way around the airport.  It was very easy, but it was very big.  Lots of walking.  We got to our gate, and waited just 10 minutes.  They started boarding, but you don't get on the plane there, you get on a bus that takes you to the plane.  We were outside to board, very different.  We got on the flight to St. Petersburg and there was no problem getting thru customs.  They don't even bother to look at you.  Our driver for the agency was right there waiting for us and we had an uneventful trip to the apartment we are staying in.  The apartment we are in, we are renting from a friend of ours from our old church.  He used to work here in St. Petersburg, so he has a ton of connections.  It is located in a fantastic spot and seems to be very accomodating.  So thank you David Williams for this great find.  Now we need to go and exchange some money at the Grand Hotel.  This is right around the corner from us and this is where all the presidents stay when they are here in St. Petersburg.  When we walk out the door there is this beautiful cathedral called The Church on The Spilled Blood.  I guess this is where a czar was killed?  I don't know my history, but the Church looks beautiful from here.

Well I will keep you update since we have internet and it is working fine right now.

Tomorrow we will get picked up at 11:15 from Svetlana and she will bring us to the MOE to get the formal invitation and then off we go to meet our daughter.

Keep praying everyone.  Love you all.  Sally


Sarah said...

Sally, we are excited for you and thankful that everything is going so smoothly. You never know in Russia, so praise God for that!

Have a great time, enjoy what you can of the city!

Amy said...

Awesome start!
Sound like primo accommodations.
Can't wait to hear about your sweet girl! She has no idea how her little life is about to change!

Julie said...

So glad the flight and customs went so smoothly. We're all praying!

Kenny said...

Awesome news, can't wait to hear about your 1st meeting....