Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pictures of St. Petersburg

Tom wanted me to show you how they clean off the roofs here.
It looks really dangerous, one wrong move and hes done for.
Dinner, it was really good.
After dinner, we walked to the market, this was a huge Ice Sclupture
in front of the Grand Hotel

There are a few things that I want to write about before I forget.

  • Russian women are beautiful

  • Russian women wear very high heel shoes, and don't fall in the slush and ice

  • Russian women are very stylish

  • There are more fur coats in every type and design that everyone is beautiful

  • There seems to be no blonde hair women here in St.Petersburg

  • Every color of the rainbow for hair except their own natural color is expected

  • The sidewalks are made out of Granite.  Nobody shovels, and people wear a lot of black to cover up from all the slush left on the sidewalks. 
  • The buildings are absolutely incredible, made of Granite and other stones

Our apartment:

Living Room, couches were very comfortable


It was a nice apartment in a very good location!  Thank David and Sarah Williams for this gem.


Michele said...

Good luck this week! Thank you for posting all the info about St Petersburg in your blog. I will be in St Petersburg next week on trip #1 and would love to learn more about the apartment..I'm staying in a hotel next week but the apartment might be a better idea for trip 2.

Sarah Williams said...

Sally and Tom, those pics bring back many memories, and I have to agree with EVERY comment you made about Russian women. Have you seen the street sweeper yet? Workers shovel snow into the streets and then a machine comes and scoops it to the center and the snow goes up a conveyor belt. Kind of like our leaf sweepers in Naperville. Anyway, just one of the many interesting things there.