Friday, February 5, 2010

3rd Day with our Daughter

Reflections of the Infamous Doctor Exam:
  • You have to get to the Clinic early
  • You can't eat before you go, because of the blood work
  • There is a lot of formality involved
  • It's not as bad as we had heard
  • Tom was a skeptic until we did the exams
  • The doctors are very nice
  • We were fed some yummy "pies"
OK, now that I gave you the bullet points, let me tell you the story.  We were to be ready by 7:15 in the morning, no problem, since we haven't been sleeping well.  I think I slept a total of 4 hours from 8:00 p.m. to 12:00 midnight.  I don't think Tom slept at all.  So anyway, we went downstairs and were met by our driver.  He didn't speak much english, but seemed very kind.  His name is Vladimir.  It snowed again last night, so the roads were not plowed again.  We drove for about 30 minutes, and we arrived at the clinic.  We were met by our translator Ina, and we were the first to arrive at the clinic.  We went in and had to check our coats again, and put on those lovely blue booties.  We walked down the hallway to a newer part of the clinic, and went into an office where there were some lovely doctors talking and laughing amongst themselves.  We were instructed to sit down and we were told what we would expect.  As we were sitting and listening, another adoptive couple came in and followed the same instructions as us.  We left that office and went to a room where they draw blood, they take about 6 vials of blood, I went first, then Tom.  No problems here.  We went back into the original office where the Vice Doctor is and she offered us cakes, tea and coffee.  Since we were hungry because we hadn't eaten yet, we enjoyed our breakfast.  The cakes were like HoHos to me.  I ate 2.   Next we went downstairs to an x-ray room of sorts.  This part of the building in very old and run down.  We wait our turn and they call me in.  I am to undress from the waist up, they want to take an x-ray of our chest to see our lungs.  You stand on this little platform and they push you up against the x-ray wall of sorts.  It wasn't a gentle push, and she forced my head in the direction she wanted.  This technician did not want to wait for the translator to translate instructions, just push and do I guess.  No problem, Tom went next and he was laughing when he came out, because she did the same to him.  Next we went to a totally different part of the clinic and went before the Psychiatrist.  This was a very interesting interview.  He had a copy of our homestudy and knew all about Tom and I.  He asked several questions about family, with Tom and I being the youngest he wanted to know if we were more priveledged than our siblings, he wanted to know about our faith.  If we believe that faith and religion are the same.  Then he spent a good 10 minutes on me and my family and about myself being adopted.  He wanted to know a lot about my feelings and how I felt not knowing who my biological parents were.  We (Tom helped the good doc to see our view) finally got him off that topic and then said Da, (yes) you can go.  We were dismissed and we left to go upstairs to a totally differnent part of the clinic yet again to the EKG room.  Let me tell you that the machine they used is like really really old.  It was like a clamp on our arms, picture cable jumpers for cars, and legs and all we had to do was breathe in and out.  Oh I forgot to let you know that I had to once again undress from the waist up.  This was a female doc again so no biggy.  Next we went downstairs to the original office and waited for some more docs to see us.  A neurological doc came and got us, and took us to a part of the clinic not yet completed from the renovation.  She asked us some really basic questions, do we get headaches, do we get dizzy at all, have we ever had any head trauma.  After the questions, she tests our reflexes like a general doc would do, all good, she has us stand close our eyes and touch our nose with the pointer finger from each hand.  No problem, good to go.  Next we see our last set of docs, skin doc, and breast exam.  We are in a new office with 3 ladies who ask us to undress from waist up, she does a breast exam and feels my stomach and my glands under the arms and in my neck.  She asks if we ever had any skin problems and thats about it.  We are invited back into the original room where that really nice Vice Doctor is and she offers us homemade "pies".  They are bread filled with all different fillings, potatoes, carrots, apricots, apple.  They were hot and delicious, we also were served tea.  We had an absolutely enjoyable time as far as doctors go.

After the doctor exams, we went to the Notary builing it is about 30 minutes by car.  We had to sign the papers for our intent to adopt our daughter and have them notorized for the courts.  Easy peasy.

Next we left, it was not time to see our daughter yet as it was her nap time.  So we went to another Russian cafe, and had Baked Potatoes that were mashed with loads of butter and cheese and then topped with any kind of salad you want.  I went with the cheese, ham pickels and onions, Tom had feta cheese, ham, pickels and onions.  It was good, but I know for someone like me who is not supposed to be eating carbs, that is all I have been doing here.

It was then time to go see our daughter and she had just finished eating her morning snack of soup and vegetables again.  They brought her into us and she was at first a little reserved, but then when I picked her up and started playing with her she warmed up immediately.  We had a wonderful time and watched her and just marveled at all of the things she does.  We wanted to put her on her stomach and see what she would do, she immediately pushed herself into a crawling postition, but didn't crawl.  She may not be able to, she rocked on all fours and then she did take one hand and reached out in front of her to grab a toy.  She then rolled onto her bottom and sat there.  Once she did that, we encouraged her again to be in the crawling position and she did, but only moved her hands and not her legs yet.  We had another wonderful visit and the time went by way too fast.  She already seems so happy to be with us, and our interpreter is so encouraged to see her disposition.  She seems to be able to be happy with us and feels safe.  I agree, and she gave wonderful eye contact.  She held my gaze a long time today.  We will definitely have to keep working on it, but I am encouraged.

We had to leave so she could have her afternoon nap, we left and our interpreter dropped us off at the Church on the Spilled Blood.  We paid 640 rubels to enter and we were in total awe once we entered the door.  Before you even enter the church you see the wonderful details on the outside, and then you go thru the doors and your mouth is just hanging open.  The details of the inside is beyond words.  Pictures won't even do it justice, you just have to be here and see it.  I think it should be a must see sight for everyone coming to Russia.

We are back at the apartment and will get ready to try another dinner place.  This place called Bogart was recommended by Ina.  Now I hope we can find it.

Now these photos don't even come close to the majesty of the church
Each peace of tile was hand laid, and every piece is about the size of
my pinkie finger.


and the walls very very very tall, and the ceiling was very very big
and the columns were very very big and round.

It told the story of Jesus Birth, Life, and Resurrection

This is outside the exit, all hand painted.

In Russia, Iron work is very popular.
I love to see the different patterns.

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Great to hear your medical went well...sounds like another great visit...can't wait to hear more.