Monday, June 7, 2010

Another one down

Well the summer is here, and we are enjoying it.  The boys were able to sleep in today, and just "hang".  Now normally, I don't really like to have them do that because they can get into a lot of trouble sometimes.  Today, however, I took away the video games and now they can play.  We did run into a little bit of a snag this weekend.  Tom took Andrew to his soccer game on Sunday morning, I got one of those great phone calls, Tom said, "I think I need to take Andrew to the hospital!"  "What, are you kidding me?"  "Nope", "Andrew split the side of his knee wide open and he is going to need stitches."  Come on, how come all the bad things happen when YOU have them?   Well needless to say, Andrew was kicked in the knee while he was playing goalie, and the cleat dug into his leg, they even took an x-ray because it was so deep.  The doc said it is a good thing it didn't hit the tendon, just need 9 stitches.  3 internal because it was deep and 6 outside.  Oh brother, now he is hobbling around on crutches.  They don't want him to bend his knee for 2 days.  He is done with soccer for the year, the doc said no more for 10 days.  Bummer thing is he is supposed to go to camp on Sunday, and stitches don't come out till wednesday.  Perhaps we will just leave them in for the extra 3 days.

Before Stitches:
After Stitches

Have I mentioned that my Nephew Matthew
Is Awesome and SINGLE
Yes, if anyone knows of a 20 something girl
who is a nice Christian, send them to me

Ava eating her yogart

Playing with a garbage can
Who needs toys?

Kelly and Ava,
Celebrating all the kids birthdays
at Dave and Busters
Ava is doing great, I really am blessed to be able to parent this child.  She seems to take everything we do in stride and just goes with the flow.

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Jeanette said...

Ewww! Poor Andrew! He should just sit back and enjoy all the extra attention :)

Love all the pics of Ava!!!