Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer at the Lake

We had a wonderful and relaxing time at the Lake House.  Our friends David and Kelly with their kids came and we just enjoyed eating, relaxing and playing.  My arms are sooooo sore from tubing.  I think I am getting old or just out of shape.  It is amazing how fast you loose muscle if you don't work out.  I mean come on, it has only been since April that I stopped working out at the gym, but man it goes fast.

Ava Loving Cooper!

Nathan and Trevor
matching swim suits!

Sara Slaloming!

Jacob Wake boarding

Sara, Ava and I enjoying a tube ride

Trevor Slaloming

Andrew and Sara knee boarding
(notice Andrews left hand)

he was pulling his shorts down
so he could
MooN us!
Ugghh, boys!

how many more can they fit?

Cooper loving Ava
eating her animal crackers

Mommy and Ava


looking cute in her bikini

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Kat said...

What fun pictures! And I absolutely ADORE that two-piece your daughter is wearing!

Thank you for sharing your blog with me. :o)