Thursday, June 10, 2010

BLACKHAWKS WIN! New Toy to Play with

Yes, the Stanley Cup is here in Chicago!  Congratulations Hawks, what a well deserved win!
Tom brought home this big round roller thing that had wires around it.  Well it is THE new favorite toy for all of the boys and Ava.  The boys love to stand on it and roll it like a log roller, and Miss Ava loves to go thru it, roll on it on her belly, stand it on end and sit in it and play Peek-a-Boo.  Then I found Miss Ava actually petting (used lightly) Samson.  He wasn't too sure what she was going to do, but she did pet (again used lightly) and then proceeded to pull his ears.  Now I did catch her petting Cooper, but with him being over 100 lbs, it did seem like she was petting him.

Andrew rolling around in the big round roller thing

Ava crawling thru it

"Petting" Samson

Daddy and Ava doing balancing on his hands
Cute outfit provided by Whitney!

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Team Robinson said...

Great to see your family doing so well. Dean and I were wondering if and when you were able to complete Ava's adoption. We brought our children home on April 23rd. Ava is beautiful! Congratulations.

Tamara Robinson
(We met you at the medical center in St. Pete)