Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Busy Week, but what else is new

Lets see, Friday Ava had an appointment at a "Bridal Shop".  Noooo, I'm not sending her off already, but she is going to be a flower girl for Toms nieces Laurens wedding.  We went to try on some dresses, and this was so fun.  Dressing her up in all of those "puffy" dresses made her look like Cinderella.

Friday night, I drove up to Wisconsin in a terrible storm to pick Trevor up from Camp Timber-lee, I got there around 9:30 at night.  We got all of his stuff in the car just before a huge downpour came.  I then drove 4 1/2 hours to Wisconsin where he was to play in a soccer tournament.  We pulled into the hotel around 2:30, but with the time change it was 3:30, man was I tired.  Trevor played very well, his team did not do good, but I am very impressed with the level of play from Trevor.  Can you say FIFA?  I wish he would?  He wants to only play football when he gets to high school.  Perhaps we can change his mind?  We came home from the Tourny to have Fathers Day with Tom.

Trevor was put onto this boy he was a Jamican from Canada
he was super fast and scored 2 quick goals, once Trevor was on him
he didn't score again.

Trevor surrounded by the offense

Trevor getting ready to score!

This week we started Vacation Bible School, we are encouraged by the number of children coming.  The Lord has been good!

Fathers Day 2010

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What for dresses!!!

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