Friday, June 4, 2010

More Lake House Pics, End of School Year Celebrations

I truly am glad that the end of school year is here.  I love it when school is in session, but don't like all the end of year activities.  My boys will be bored within the week I'm sure.  Tell me, how many hours can they play video games?  I have signed them up for some summer camps that take place in June so that will help with them getting into each others faces all day long.

Ava is doing remarkably well.  We are so blessed to have this precious Angel in our family.  She has brought out some of the best qualities in the boys, it is a joy to watch them with her.  She is spoiled beyond belief by them.  She is growing some hair now, and her personality is just so cute.  She LOVES music and we have a dancing session every morning.  She understands so much already, but still is not saying a whole lot.  Ava also is still preferring to eat baby food only with some people food like Cherrios, Gerber puffs, pretzels, vanilla waffers, jello, gold fish crackers, ice cream, but not much more.  It is funny how she will eat any kind of baby food, but when I give her a piece of bread or pancake she spits it out.  I'm thinking it is a sensory issue with her, but I can see her growing so I know she is getting some great nutrients in her.

I go in today for another round of mouth surgery, I'm hoping that I recover quickly from it like last time.  The boys have said that they will help me out with whatever Ava needs.

Getting ready to go swimming

Swimming with daddy
after this picture she started
splashing and getting much
more comfortable in the water.
She even jumped in to daddy later

Riding the Wave Runner

Andrew being silly
He used Avas doll stroller
as a helmet!

Andrew and Ava at Field Day

Mommy and Ava watching Andrew Run

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