Sunday, May 2, 2010

What a Trooper She Is

Last night Tyler and I went out to a nice Italian Restaurant called Park.  We had a really nice meal, and Ava was great.  She was able to stand right by me and look out a window.  She would bang a little on the window and yell "ah" or something like it to the passerbys outside.  Once the dinner came, she sat in her high chair and had some of our salad, pasta and our bread.  She liked my avacado and cheese that I had.  When we were coming back to the apartment, we had a photo op by the Church on the Spilled Blood.  Everytime I walk by this church I am amazed at the beauty of it.  I can't believe how lucky we are to be able to see this church everyday. 

Today, Ava slept in until 9:00 and she didn't make any sounds at night.  We woke up, had another photo session while she was looking at herself in the mirror and then she ate.  She is an excellent eater, she had Rice cereal, yogart, bananna and juice.  She really eats a lot.

After breakfast, we played some more, and then it was time for her morning nap.  She lets us know when she wants her nap, she does a whimper cry to tell us she is tired.  I laid her down and she just laid there for about 20 minutes before she fell asleep.  She slept for 1 1/2 hours.  When she woke up, we ventured out to the Metro Station to ride the Metro one stop so we could go to the Peter and Paul Fortress.  It was quite the experience for Tyler, Ava and Myself.  The Metro is their version of a subway system.  It is very clean, and today was Sunday so not too busy, but busy enough.  You buy a token and then you go thru a gate, you ride an escalator really far down underground.  I'm not sure how far, but someone told us 70 feet.  It takes about 5 minutes at least to go all the way down.  We got on with no problem and rode for about 5 minutes to the next stop.  We exited and found our way with no problem.

Ava was a trooper the whole time.  It started to get cold out and then some light rain came.  I tried to keep her covered, but she kept throwing the blanket off of her.  She really liked to she where she was going.  We were gone for several hours, so she missed her afternoon nap.  When we got back, I fed her, gave her a bath and now she is sleeping.

She is MY ANGEL, sent from above.  Thank you God!

Looking at her in the mirror in the morning
Notice she is NOT in Pink

At the Peter and Paul Fortress
Tyler and Ava looking at the Cathedral
of the Peter and Paul Fortress


Amy said...

Wow! You are having such a smooth transition! Lucky, lucky you! :-)
Love reading your updates! Miss Ava is dressed to the nine's! So cute!
Have fun!

Shelly and Steve said...

She is a complete doll. I'm just loving reading this amazing process....what a blessing for your family!!! Thank you for sharing.

Kristyn and Eddie said...

Sally she is adorable!! I am so happy for you. We had a crazy weekend with family, but I've been dying to get to my computer this morning to see her pictures. She looks so happy and joyful, what a blessing. They are miracles sent from heaven, aren't they? P.S. I have a boy named Tyler too.