Thursday, May 6, 2010


We left St. Petersburg last night around 7:30 on a "Speed Train" directly to Moscow.  I have to say, it was a really nice train, there was enough room for all of our luggage, one advantage is we didn't have to weigh anything.  We were allowed to bring food and drinks on with no problems.  The stroller was used for a high chair and then Ava slept for 3 of the 4 hours it took to arrive in Moscow.

Our first impression of Moscow under cover of darkness:  Big, Lots of tall buildings, loud.

Our driver came onto the train to help us get off and helped us with all of our luggage.  Awesome!  Drove us to the apartment on Novy Arbat Street.  My first impression of the apartment:  Old, Run Down Building.  The aparment itself inside is o.k.  Comfortable and clean.  Not great, but it does have a lot of space.  We arrive around 12:30, and then we called home, it is free!  I did a load of laundry and got Ava to bed.  She was still so tired, she went right down. 

The Doctor came to the apartment at 6:30 this morning to look over Ava.  This is a requirement for the US Embassy paperwork.  He says she is very healthy, held her up in the air said "she is about 20 or 21 lbs.  Wow if he is right, that doc is good.  He listened to her heart, no murmurs, he listened to her chest, no congestions.  Healthy he said.  Dry skin.  give lotion!  Have doc test for stool when home.  good, have nice day, bye.  That was really about it.

Tyler is sleeping now, I'm going to wake him and then we will go out and explore Moscow.  It isn't a very nice day, looks like rain.  Hopefully we will be able to see everything we need to.

Ava is doing great, she just transitions from one thing to the next.  She does look to me for comfort which is a good sign. 

Before we got on the "Speed Train"

Our area on the train

This morning Michael came to the apartment and helped fill out more paperwork for the Embassy.  He is going there today to submit the paperwork.  Tomorrow, Tyler, Ava and I get to go to the Embassy to pick up her visa and then we leave on Saturday. 

This is so cool, as I was writing this blog, a huge noise came from outside the windows.  I went to the window and what did I see, a huge procession of Military trucks, tanks and Jets.  They are practicing for Victory Day, which happens on Sunday May 9.  It was a long procession, probably 20 minutes long.  Ava liked it to, or maybe she just liked the window being open.

Looking down from our window
Look between the buildings,
the fighter planes went by


Anonymous said...

Soooooo jealous! A new baby in Moscow was the most exciting thing EVER! I thought it was so much more exciting than giving birth! :)
Have a great time - it is such a wonderful city.


dgporter said...

Beautiful...beautiful...beautiful. Just so happy for you.

Beth said...

Sounds like everything is going GREAT!! The Dr exam is kind of visit. My son had his a little over a month ago and the Dr lifted him and said 26 lbs then he lifted him again and said 27 and when he was weighted at the ped. 5 days later guess what it was 27 lbs I had to laugh!!!! Enjoy Moscow and do some shopping.