Saturday, May 1, 2010

She is My Angel

We had a wonderful first night.  She was really excited to eat.  We tried a little of everything we had and she loved it all.  She played with me, and with Tyler she explored the apartment and she took a nap.  After nap we ate some more, we played, I gave her a bath (which she did not like).  We played some more and then we started to watch a movie, UP, she looked at the screen a little but didn't really notice it.  She did however know exactly how to use a remote?  Why, How, who knows, she pointed it directly at the T.V. and pushed a button.  After the movie, I tried to lay her down in the crib that was brought to the apartment, but she wanted absolutely nothing to do with it.  I rocked her a little in my arms and then layed her down in my bed, she looked at me with those big blue eyes and then she took her pacifier, played with it for a couple of minutes and fell right to sleep.  She was a gem, all night, she slept until 8:00 a.m., even when she woke up she just looked at me and smiled.

We got up and ate some breakfast, we played a while and then I put her back down at 10:00.  Which is according to her schedule by the way.  After her nap, I fed her again and we went for a walk to the Hermitage.  It was extremly busy in the streets today, it is their version of Labor Day here and there was a parade on Nevsky.  The sidewalks were very busy and lots of people waving Russian flags.  We made it to the Hermitage to see a demonstration happening in the square with a lot of Police around.  We had to walk around the demonstration to get inside.  Once inside, our daughter was marveous.  She was happy the whole time.  Lots of the workers would stop and say something to her, and she would smile at them.  She took the whole thing in stride and I was very proud of her.

We are back at the apartment, and I am a little off of her schedule.  She is sleeping now, but I should be playing with her.  When she wakes up, I will feed her and then play with her again.

Eating Carrots,
teething stick (carrots and apple)

Morning Breakfast

Statue of Jupiter

Tyler on one of the many stairwells

So far she seems to be doing o.k..  Every once in a while, she will look sad and start to cry with some huge crocodile tears.  I pick her up and she stops immediately.  I think she is sad about missing her caretakers at the orphanage.

Continue to pray for her that she will adjust to us and feel safe and secure with us.


Maggie and Randy said...

She has such an amazing smile...give it time and she will adjust just fine. Sounds like she already is adjusting.She really looks happy. thanks for sharing.

Julie said...

Sally, she looks so cute in those photos. I love that she already looks so happy with you. And what a great sign that you picking her up comforts her already!

Sarah and Dave said...

Wonderful report! She is a beautiful little girl!

Anonymous said...

She is just precious! So sweet that she wanted to sleep with you. These little children are amazing, how much they go through, but still have the big hearts they have. She is indeed, a little angel!