Friday, May 14, 2010

Typical Morning with Ava

Well since we have been home things have been going great.  Ava is adjusting well to everything and everyone.  Her whole life is different, yet she takes it in stride.  We have been home most days except for the taxi service I provide for the boys, Ava is doing great in her car seat.  She is a very patient girl, since the new car seats are soooooo different then when the boys were little, it takes me a while to figure out how to buckle her in.
Ava is sleeping wonderfully, and she is still on the orphanage schedule of 2 naps a day.  I am going to continue on this schedule until summer, that's when we will be a little more busy and she will adjust nicely then.  I am still trying to keep her world small, although having 4 brothers it isn't that small.

We did venture out to lunch with Kelly on Wednesday.  That was nice, and she did a good job.  I fed her her lunch and we were able to eat ours while she ate her Gerber Puffs.  I tell you, those things are like gold.  She can't get enough of them.  We never had them when the boys were little, so I am finding all these new things out.

Ava has regressed a little in her eating.  While we were in Russia, she would eat almost anything off my plate, now she really only wants baby food.  She doesn't like the texture of regular food and wants things only super mashed. Don't know why, but it is easy to give baby food to her and she eats it all so I guess I won't worry about it too much.

She seems to understand a whole bunch.  She can say "ello", "eye", "dada", and of course her "ah", which started in St. Petersburg, but has gotten much more aggressive with it.  She knows her name, she can wave bye bye, and points to her eyes, nose, mouth and ears when asked.  I think she is super smart.

I can't wait for the weather to get nice here, because Ava loves to be outside.  Soccer games are calling us and I know she will have a blast there playing with the other girls there.

In the morning with Andrew
she was just crawling on him to get the remote
which he wouldn't let her have

Getting ready to play with her toys

showing me her favorite spot to sit

I asked her, "how big is Ava?"
and this is what she does
"So Big"
She is Super Smart

her ride on Ice Cream Truck
see Samson in the background
he can't wait for her to accept him
That is our average morning here, things are going well and I know that all the prayers sent before were the difference for this sweet girl to have such an open heart.  All this change and she is still our sweet loveable girl.  God Is Good!

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