Monday, April 12, 2010

Seeing Our Daughter

2 whole months ago was the last time we saw her. She has changed in so many ways, but has also stayed the same.

She still LOVES tags
She can WALK
She still has the same amount of teeth
Her hair is starting to grow
She is still very cautious when she first sees us

She is absolutly gorgeous and I don't think she remembered us. She did remember my necklace that I wore, and also a few of her favorite toys from before.

There has not been anymore development with the Russian authorities. From our translator the only thing she said is "It is a show now between the two governments". "New system needs to be put in place to protect the child from this."

We are to expect a very tough time in court, which is understandable. Tom is ready and prepared to answer all questions.

Yesterday was a beautiful day, we walked to the Hermitage Museum and we paid extra for an english guide to take us around. It was well worth the money because there is so much to see that we never could of appreciated it without her.

After seeing our daughter today, we went to St. Isaaccs Cathedral. It is magnificient.

St. Petersburg is truly a beautiful city.

First time holding Daddys hand



St. Isaac Cathedral

Tom on the top of St. Isaacs
We got to climb 211 spiral stairs up to the top


carolinagirl said...

following you there in st pete! while we felt so homesick there, parts of me wish we could go back soon!

praying that everything goes well for you all!

Wendi and Terry said...

We're praying for you guys and hope all goes well on Wednesday! Can't wait to hear all about and see pics of your beautiful angel.

Tim said...

I hope everything goes well with your court date. My wife and I just got back from St. Petersburg on Sunday from our first visit. We will be praying for you.