Thursday, April 1, 2010


Just thinking that my baby girl is 15 months now.  I miss her more than I ever thought possible.

Tyler - he is growing up so fast it makes me think, did we do a good job with him.  Does he have a strong conviction of who he is and is he proud of that?

Colleges we went to visit:

Western Michigan - nice size about 20,000 students.  Small enough campus that it is easy walking distance to everything.  Town close by to make it ok to go off campus.

Calvin - small Christian school about 2,000.  I liked it, Tyler did not think it was for him.

Hope - small Christian school about 3,200 kids.  I thought it was a very nice campus, close to a lot of big things.  Tyler liked it a lot. 

It is interesting to sit and reflect on your children and how each one of them are sooooo different than the other.  It is a weird feeling to know that Tyler will be with us for just one more year and then he is off to college, and then we have our daughter coming into our family. 

Tyler did not want to get his picture taken at any of the colleges we visited, but I did happen to snatch a few from bowling and Andrew while he was swimming.  Andrew got to pick the hotel we stayed at based on the pool.  He picked one that was in the shape of Michigan.  It was a nice hotel, thanks Andrew for picking a nice one.

Super excited boy playing a video game.

Andrew touching the "You Are Here" star in the bottom of the pool

Good picture of Andrew

Andrew while we were bowling

Tyler bowling, can you tell he was super mad at me for taking this picture


Picture to prove that Tyler beat me, and Andrew almost did!

Picture proving that I beat both of them on round 2

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