Tuesday, April 13, 2010

2nd Day with our Daughter, Peterhoff

After waking up at 5 a.m. to talk to the kids at home, we went back to bed.  We slept until 11:10, which was kinda crazy because we were getting picked up at 11:40 to go to the orphanage.  The day seemed really good here, the weather was beautiful, Tom actually slept (finally) and he was in a better spirit.  We got to the orphanage and they put us in the "music" room and we waited.  They brought in our daughter and she was happy to see us.  Our translator actually left the room so that we could have some alone time with her and that was great.  I actually undressed her and got to look at her and I brought our "Gotcha Day" clothes with  us so that I can see if they fit.  They do!  She really opened up to us and we even got a few babbles from her.  No talking yet but lots of sounds.  She loves books and music.  Another item that she liked is this chew toy that vibrates when you chew on it, oh man they didn't have that toy when the boys were younger, but she loved it.  It was a special present from Andrew, he picked it out for her.  We spent about 2 hours with her and she really let us see her personality.  She wants to be very independant, which is probably how she survives being in an orphanage and she knows what she wants.

After we saw her, we took a ride into the "southwest suburbs" of St. Petersburg to a place called Peterhoff.  It is the Summer Palace of Peter the I.  It is famous for its many fountains and beautiful landscape.  Well right now, there is no water in the fountains and the landscape is not yet planted, but it was still beautiful.  The fountains are to open on May 1 and go until September.  It is located on the Finnish Gulf.  Tom really enjoyed getting out of the city to actually see grass and trees.

We are still having our court date for Wednesday, so thank you everyone for praying and keeping us in your prayers.  There are so many children in the orphanages here, and so many loving parents looking to have their children home in America.  It has been a truly wild ride in International Adoption, but it has led us to our daughter so God is good.

                                      Last night after we ate dinner around 10:00 (yes that late)
                            We get to look at this beautiful church everytime we walk out our door.
                                                                    It is truly amazing!

Outside of the Upper gardens of Peterhoff

Just one of the fountains that are supposed to be very beautiful

Finnish Gulf


Kristyn and Eddie said...

Sally, I have been thinking of you everyday. Having court after all of this must be hard, but it sounds like you are both prepared. I will be praying for you tomorrow and that you have your baby girl in your arms very soon. Wish you were closer so we could meet in person. St. Pete looks beautiful. Know you're in my prayers, you all will do great tomorrow. ~Kristyn

Wendi and Terry said...

Good luck tomorrow - we're thinking about you guys!! Can't wait to hear how it goes.

the7houks said...

So anxious to hear how court goes...keep us posted!! You are in our prayers.

Amy said...

Love your updates.
Anxiously waiting for your next post.