Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Getting Ready

We have quite a story to tell our daughter when we finally get her and have her in our arms.  Between Russia and US trying to come to an agreement about adoptions and then this Volcano, it is truly WILD!!

Tyler and I will leave Sunday, hopefully, if flights are not cancelled.  We arrive Monday and then on Tuesday we file some more paperwork.  I believe we can have our daughter this day, but might have to wait for the paperwork to be completed.  Unfortunately we will be in St. Petersburg until May 5, that is when the paperwork for her passport and visa are completed.  We will leave St. Petersburg to arrive in Moscow on May 5 and do our Embassy paperwork on May 6-7, we can leave on May 8.  Now we will need more prayers because Tyler is supposed to go to Prom on May 8!  We arrive in Chicago at 3:35 p.m..  Does anyone else think that is way too close for him to go to Prom?  He is insisting that he is going, so we will just leave it up to God.

I am sooo excited as I pack her clothes in the suitcase and then I get overwhelmed to make sure I bring the right things for her.  I stress about what happens if.... then I remember I can't think that way and that God will take care of everything for us.  If we forget something, we can buy it (much more expensive in Russia), if she cries on the plane, oh well we won't see those people again! 

It will be a busy 2 weeks while I am gone, Tom will be playing dual roles so I hope the kids get to where they need to go.  I know with the help of friends and family they will be fine.  I know one thing for sure, is that our house will never be cleaner.  Tom is a wonderful cleaner, so it will be better than when I left.

Oh and today Tom and I celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary.  Love you!


Dwina said...

We are flying to Moscow on Sunday as well for our first visit with our daughter. The airport is currently working a normal schedule.

Good luck,


carolinagirl said...

praying for safe travels and smoothe transitions!

Monica said...

Best wishes to you! I am flying HOME with our daughter on April 22nd. Having been here in Russia since the 11th if you have any last minute questions send me an email: monica 1216 @ yahoo.com

Wishing you a safe & easy journey!

Jeanette said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! We ate at the restaurant called "Venice ???" Not sure of the whole name. It is about a 10 minute walk from the Courtyard Marriott. Our driver dropped us off on the way home from court so I'm not positive what street we were even on. It may have been Tverskaya or boulevard. Those were the two names that our driver was throwing out at us as we came near it. It's a little tricky to find as it is in a basement. But it is beautiful inside and delicious food! Best of luck in court. We will be back in Moscow for our final trip on May 5-12.

Russian Life said...

I saw you comment on another blog about your apartment. This is a great location in Moscow. It is busy, but good. Walk over to Old Arabat Street and find the cow statue - almost across from Hard Rock. You can not miss it. ; ) The cow restaurant is a decent Russian cafeteria (cheap) style food. Behind it on the side street (walking) is an Uzbeck (left) and Turkish (right) restaurant. Excellent food, English menu, and good prices. Hope this helps!