Sunday, March 7, 2010

Registry and Turnabout

Tonight was a very busy night.  Tom and David are both gone at the farm to do work there with other guys, and Austin and Jacob went to help also.  While they were gone, Kelly and I made a date to go out.  Kelly helped me to register for items for a shower she is going to throw for me on May 8.  Well today as we were at Buy Buy Baby, the lady (who by the way had a full beard) asked if she could help us and we said yes we would like to register for a baby registry, she looked at us kinda funny and I continued to fill in the application and she asked us when are you do, I said, well we are adopting so we don't know the exact date of arrival.  She was a little shocked and looked at us again and I know she was thinking, oh boy, here we have a "couple" and kinda acted funny.  Kelly and I just laughed because we do so much together, that I think people sometimes wonder about us.  So what does that have to do with Turnabout, well during our registry, Tyler called and he was getting ready for turnabout and we needed to take pictures.  Kelly and I left the store and went to the place where there were about 30 kids in the group and all of their parents.  Kelly and I walked in together, and once again we saw many people with "the look" and we just laugh because it seems so funny to us.  Tyler looked very handsome, and his date was a good friend of his.  After the picture taking session, Kelly and I went to dinner at Claim Jumpers, it was delicious.  Everything was great, we then headed back to Buy Buy Baby, to try and complete the registry, but alas we could not finish.  There is soooooo much to look at and everything has changed so much in regards to car seats, strollers, toys, bottles and everything.  We will have to go back again when there is more time to finish the store.

Tyler with Jessica

Jessica, Tyler and Teague

My firstborn, man what happened to that baby who was just born yesterday right?

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