Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bummer News

Today while I was out with Tom, we received a phone call from our agency.  She stated that the judge in charge of our case is out of the office until April 5!!!!  What, does, that, mean, Uggghhh.  Does that mean that I won't get a date until she comes back?  Does that mean someone else can schedule the court date right after April 5?  It has been over 5 weeks since we signed the paperwork, I really thought, hoped, prayed that we would of been back for court next week, and bringing our baby girl home in the first week of April.  It is a crazy ride we are on, and I hope we find out more information soon.  Pray, Pray Pray for us that our court date comes soon. 

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Sarah and Dave said...

Praying that this goes quickly and for patience while you wait. A good thing, though, is that the weather will be much nicer in St. Pete when you go back!