Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hard Work

Saturday was a day of work around here.  We have a yard that has been calling to us, please give me mulch!  We have ignored its plea for 2+ years, and we finally gave in to it.  Really the only reason we gave in is because every time the dogs went out to do their business they would come in all muddy.  It was time to get our hands callaused and our backs to an aching.  We had delivered 25 yards of mulch.  That is a huge amount, and we got it done in one day.  It is really nice to have Tyler and Austin able to do a lot, Trevor was gone at a soccer tourny, not that he could of helped anyway with his arm still in a cast.  Andrew helped a lot also.  I am glad it is over with, and a couple of Advil later I was feeling pretty good.

Tyler, Andrew and I will be leaving to go and visit a couple of Colleges in Michigan and Ohio this week since it is Spring Break.  On Thursday we will go to the farm, it is Spring Youth Turkey Hunting and Andrew, Trevor and Austin will have their chance to shoot a Turkey.

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