Friday, March 12, 2010

Nothing Yet

No phone call, no email yet.  I did call our agency yesterday just to "check" what was happening, and she had no news either. We are anxiously waiting for some news of a court date.

We had all of the carpets cleaned in our whole house yesterday, boy was that a big job.  Tom wanted all of the furniture our of the rooms, so that they could do a good job, boy was that a lot of work.  We moved Trevor and Andrew into their new room, and Tyler also.  The boys were excited to be sharing a room until Trevor was up about 1 hour after going to bed throwing up.  He was soooo sick that guy, he was throwing up about every 30 minutes, then at about 1:30 am he went to every hour.  I was exhausted, he slept on the floor of the bathroom, and I slept in his new bed.  It was comfy for all of 45 minutes that I actually slept!

Nothing else is new, so please pray for us that we will get the phone call.  Ring, Phone, Ring.

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