Thursday, March 18, 2010

News At Last

As I was sitting here searching my way around Travel Football Leagues for Trevor an E Mail came in with our date for court:
April 14 we have court!  Is it much later than I wanted, YES, is it great to finally know now when we will be traveling, YES!

Sarah said it best in the last post, well now the weather should be a little nicer!

Tom and I want to go a few days before and do some sightseeing that we didn't get to do on the first trip.  Areas we want to see are:
Hermitage Museum
Winter Palace
St. Isaacs Cathedral - we can climb to the top and look out.
Shopping (well maybe just I want to do that)
walk along the canals and see some beautiful bridges

So now the fun begins to gather and collect the necessary paperwork.  It is a good feeling to be doing something useful with the time.

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