Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Sun is Out

When you live in the midwest you wait and wait for the sun to come out, well guess what folks today is the day. We get to leave those heavy coats and bare our white arms for all to see. What a beautiful day.
Austin and Trevor have another soccer game for school today, I pray that Austin will have a chance to participate. It does get frustrating as a player to be at practice and not allowed to play in the games. Hopefully the coach will come to his senses today.
Tom and I got fingerprinted today for the Home Study part of the process, Tyler will go after school today. Things are getting checked off the list, like Dory says from Finding Nemo, just keep swimmining, just keep swimming, well I just keep signing, just keep signing forms that is.

Here is a pic of some flowers starting to pop thru and open up. I love it when things bloom again.
I couldn't believe my eyes this morning, can you see who it is at the piano, yep that's right Austin and Trevor, WOW miracles do exist. These are the two boys that don't like each other very much. They were playing a song together I couldn't tell you what song chopsticks or something but what joy it brings to a mothers heart.

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