Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Couldn't Sleep

In my Easter Picture you couldn't see it but Cooper was in the pic standing at the boys feet. He got cut out of the pic so I thought I would let you see him. Here Austin took this pic for a photography class at school. Cooper is staring at our neighbors yard hoping to get a bone from him. As you can see he gets lots of bones.

Here is Trevor and Austin after their first soccer game for school. This pic makes me mad and sad. This is the reason for my sleepless night. As you can see Trevor is happy, Austin is sad, Trevor played almost the whole entire game as a 6th grader, he did very well and even had an incredible assist for a score. Austin however didn't even get to play at all. Nope not one single minute. May I remind you that he is in the 8th grade, we were winning by a score of 2-0 with 20 minutes left in the game and nope the coach didn't even put him in then. What the heck, I know that Austin is not a strong player but give me a break he can play soccer. Were winning for petes sake and you can't put him in. I find that is just poor coaching. I understand he wouldn't play the whole game but give me a break 10 minutes perhaps just to keep the kids interested. Now Austin wasn't the only one who didn't get to play there were others but they were in the 6th grade. I understand that, they need to be bench warmers. I do have to say that I was very proud of Austin regardless of his no time playing, everytime they had a player come off the field, he was there to shake their hand or congratulate them. He stood by the coach to let him know he was there but didn't bother him. I don't get it. Well it is just me venting but come on, give me a break. Did I mention that it was very cold out. Austin was an ice cube when he came over.

The last picture is another one that Austin took, he took it the other day when it was nice out, I thought it was an awesome picture of the tulips starting to come out of winter hybernation.

The results for Tom was great. The doc said he is a healthy speciman. Tom was still recovering from the turn your head and cough bit, I was able to tease him just a little. We finished with our Autobiography last night and I meet with Pastor Dale this week so all is coming along fine. I contacted our Home Study person and asked if we can start the Home Study with out the boys physicals, I wanted to wait as late as possible for them because they need them for school and didn't want to have to do it twice in one year, especially for the sports physicals required for schools sports. Well I have to get Andrew ready for school so have a great day.

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