Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Physical Tuesday

Here a few pics from the week:

Tyler with cousin Lindseys friends from Hope College, Sasha and Amber. Doesn't Tyler look good with the pink basket?

This is Andrew looking for his eggs, he ended up finding the "special" egg. It is a purple wooden egg with $5.00 in it. Way to go buddy.

Here is Austin looking everywhere for his eggs, cousin Jared likes to hide them in all kinds of places.

This is our Easter Day photo. We took the picture after church, don't those boys look great?

I just like this picture of Samson, he just got a bath by Tyer and he is soaking wet and ready to go roll on the floor, but I made him wait to get this pic. So cute and ugly at the same time. Tom says he looks like a drowned rat.

This is Good Friday night when the boys were teaching cousin Matt how to play the Wii. That is Austin and Andrew is rolling on the floor to escape the pic. Just so you know Matt is available, looking for a great girl to call his own.

Yep thats right, Tom goes for his physical today. Does anybody want to say turn your head and cough? Well needless to say Tom did not get a great night sleep last night, I think he was worried what the doc would find. We are praying that all goes well because we will be able to submit the papers for the adoption after today. Tom wanted to make sure he had a clean bill of health.

The boys (Austin and Trevor) have their first soccer game for school today. As always here in the midwest it is cold and raining, oh what fun.
As for me, this is my weekly trip to Sams Club, so it is also physical tuesday for me just lifting all those groceries.
On the adoption front, Tom and I completed almost all of the required paperwork, except for the Auto Biography that they want. We can go to get fingerprinted in Naperville, but they only have office hours during the day. For Tom and I that is fine, but Tyler also needs to get fingerprinted so we have to find a day when he can get off of school and make his way over.
I'll write tomorrow to let you know about the results of Toms Physical.