Thursday, April 23, 2009

In Limbo

Here is Tyler getting a Gold Star from the National Thespians Society for all of his work in the school plays.This is where Samson sleeps when Tom is gone hunting, he likes to snuggle with me.
Here is Austin and his bearded hen turkey he shot. Tom said it was a very long shot and he got it all by himself.

This is Ryan, our nieces boyfriend, this was his very first time hunting and guess what, yep he bagged a huge, I mean huge turkey.
It is tied with Tyler for the biggest turkey on our farm.
Way to go Ryan.

Well yesterday I was able to log on to a couple of websites that talk a lot about the adoption in Ukraine. It doesn't sound good from the reports listed. I talked it over with Tom and we are going to commit to praying about it for 2 weeks and see where we stand. Do we decide to continue in the Ukraine region or move to Russia? Do we not adopt? The difference is huge when it comes to the finances of it all. So just keep us in your prayers as we decided where and what God wants from us.

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