Friday, October 7, 2011

Old Friend, Fall

I remember:

The first week we were home Ava Grace was making all nice with our John Deere boy:

Ava and I were outside playing in the leaves, and her old friend was welcoming her over to play...

I can't believe the difference when I look at the first 2 word has Ava Grace grown up before my eyes...

She is loving her babies, and loves to take them everywhere we go...she is a good "mommy" to them, but she tells me that I (me) am the mommy and she is Ava Grace.

Fall is here, we have had beautiful weather as you can tell by her outfit...we are taking advantage of every moment.


Jeanette said...

Growing like a weed!!!! It is so neat to compare the pics! I'm sure you are on cloud nine with the hair clips now!!!

carolinagirl said...

Ava is just adorable! It is amazing how fast they grow up!

Time flies now that our girls are home, doesn't it?