Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Avas Gymnastics Class

Look at Avas Face while she is warming up
I love it!
She makes all the animal sounds and faces when she is supposed to

This one, she is warming up and she is supposed to roll on her back and then bring herself back up
she rolls back and then she says "I can't do it", while she is rolling up
silly girl, you did do it 

here she is flying 

now she is a seal, making seal sounds and everything 

now she is getting the spiders

jumping like a Kangaroo 

this series is great
I didn't see her face while I was taking the pictures
I love her expressions

working really hard to balance and touch the cones gently

my monkey along with monkey sounds

not afraid to jump into the pit 

waiting so patiently at the end of class
for her stamps 

I haven't decided if I'm going to keep Ava Grace in this class, there are a couple of girls in her class that are soooooooooooooo bad.  I don't understand how a parent can watch their child disobey and do nothing about it.  I'm going to ask, if there is maybe a different day that has better children in it.


Jeanette said...

Your gym looks so much like the one Grace goes to. Looks like you were able to get close. We aren't allowed beyond the half wall :) Looks like she loves it!!!

Bowen's Russian adoption said...

Looks like she is doing great I love her faces she was making! TOO CUTE

tammy said...

so fun! you know Russians have gymnastic talent flowing in their blood! the olympics could be in your future. ;-)

Lakeshore Cottage Living said...

LOVE her monkey face! Maria Jane is taking gymnastics class too and she loves it. I wished that we were closer and Jeanette too so the girls could take their class wouldn't that be something to watch!?! oh and her hair is coming in!! yeah for you...Maria's hair took FOREVER.