Monday, October 10, 2011

Homecoming and a Hoe Down

This was such a busy week for us...but really who am I kidding, arn't they all?

Austin had his homecoming dance last weekend and their homecoming football game was against Trevors school...ok how weird is that?  It's a good thing that Austin dosen't play football because it would have put a huge strain on their already strained relationship.  At the game, Trevor got hurt, ended up at the hospital, refused treatment at the hospital, and made it back to the Varsity game...I know crazy huh!  No pictures tho...

so I made it back to the football game at half time to see Austin march for his Military Presession...

Austin is the Delta Company, line commander, not really sure what that means!

before heading out to his homecoming 

Austin and his date Reannon 

So after that, this week, we had all the festivities of  Homecoming Hoe Down at Trevors you may be wondering, what is a homecoming Hoe Down?  Well since Trevors school is a Christian Academy, they don't want to focus on the dancing part, but yet all the kiddos want to participate in something, so they came up with an idea of a Hoe Down, square dancing, I have to tell you from a parents point of view, who had the older boys with the traiditional home coming, I LOVED THIS IDEA...there wasn't the skimmpy outfits and the unnessary dinner and flowers, and when the Hoe Down was done, the kiddos LOVED IT ALSO.  My Trevor said he acutally had a fun time, and his date Emily even said he went all out.  Love it!

Trevor handing Emily the pretty
sunflowers for her to take home
awwww, so sweet

They look great
and so relaxed also

Emily and her friends 

bunch of boys
love it!
We couldn't get a good pic of the boys
they are always so silly 


Jeanette said...

Love it!!!!! The kids all looks so adorable!

Barb said...

Such great pictures - the kids all look awesome:)