Saturday, October 15, 2011

Growing and Learning

I look at my baby girl, and I see how big she is growing.  New things for her to do, and learn.

Morning breakfast, nice bed head...

Ava Grace and I went to the Childrens Museum the other day.  I bought the tickets thru Groupon, and it was a really good deal.

We had been there before, her and I, but this time she was so interested in everything.  She did great, expoloring and finding new things to do.

looking at the model trains

coloring a picture, and explaing it to the worker

mirrored tunnel

4 Ava Graces, look how cute they all are

whee, up and down I go

coloring with light,
I thought this was so cool

learning about shadows 

a really really big light bright
our masterpiece 

wind tunnel 

oooooo, look how strong I am 

pretty girl 

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