Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hair, gone today for a good cause

Trevor and his football team were met with a challenge not on the football field, although they have had a losing season of 1-7...this challenge however was much greater...see the head football coach was diagonosed with a brain tumor and he has to undergo surgery on Monday.  Coach Wilson started noticing his vision was blurry but wanted to wait until the end of the football season before being checked out.  His vision was getting worse so his wife forced him to go get it checked out, and it is a good thing because they found a tumor sitting on his pituitary gland.

Well the boys on the Varsity squad  wanted to help him and raise awareness of brain cancer so they got together and all shaved their heads...Wow what a sight to see all these boys who have some great looking hair to shave it off for their coach.

We lift you up in prayer, Ben along with your wife and 2 small children.

As you have said God is good ALL of the time.  He is your rock and strong place, in Him you have found peace.


Jeanette said...

That is an awesome story! So sad about his coach, but what wonderful young men!

tammy said...

what a fantastic group of boys

Carol A said...

I have been reading your blog for the last several weeks; I found it through another blog that I have followed for a long time. A very close friend of mine has adopted two children from Russia. I have greatly enjoyed watching your beautiful daughter thru pictures and what you write. Today I read some past entries that you had written, and I was very surprised to see that your older son is at WIU. Until last May, I taught at that college in the department of Curriculum and Instruction. I supervised student teachers and other preservice teachers in elementary schools, after teaching 5th grade for many years. I am a surburban Chicago girl and still miss the big city. Anyway, if your son ever needs anything, we would be glad to help out. My husband owns a store on the Macomb square; it is a college business called Gumbarts, where they sell college T-shirts and memorabilia. This weekend was Parents' weekend and many parents were in town. In case we could ever be of assistance in any way, here is my email address:

I hope your son is enjoying Macomb and WIU.
Carol Anderson