Monday, August 29, 2011

Its that time of year again...Are you ready for some football?

I traveled to Ohio last week for Andrews football team:

we played really bad, and was a long drive...

Then this week we traveled to St. Louis for Trevor and his high was a long drive...

I am really encouraged by Trevor and his football team.  Trevor chose to not go to the public high school where Tyler went, he wanted to mature in his faith, and become a stronger person, one who believes in God and strives to put Him first.  The football team is only 5 years in the making and they have done well.  So well in fact that they put us in the hardest division this year.  That is NOT a good thing, since they graduated 26 seniors on the football team last year, and this year they only have 6 seniors, with only 4 of them returning from last year.  To say that this is a building year...understatement.  Trevor my freshmen is their starting kicker.  He is super excited about this, it is a great opportunity for him.  He will play Varsity kicker, JV offense/defense and freshmen offense/defense.  He loves it, me not so much...this is why...

Trevor hurt his leg last week, kicking, and needed to have some electrodes hooked up to him to get rid of the "bad things" in his leg making him swell and what not...all I heard was ACL and I really didn't know much after that.  Luckily it was just a level 1 sprain, and he is all good to go.

this picture was taken after the varsity game on Friday night,
the boys from the 2 schools came together and prayed...
my eyes started to tear up... 

then after they did that, our team came over to the bleachers
and you have about 40 high school boys,
On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand..
I really started to tear up then,
(No picture, because I was so encouraged by the sight, I forgot)

the next day JV played
Trevor kicked, punted and played most of the downs
we lost,
but again,
its a building year.

ugggh, its going to be a looooong year 

so lets play some football!!!!

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