Monday, August 1, 2011

Another fun weekend

We have been able to use our lake house so much this year.  The weather has been outstanding!  The company has been wonderful!  My cup overfloweth!

Sara Water Skiing 
Kelly and Sally, knee boarding 
fighting on the knee board 
Ava and Sara 
first time going knee boarding 

I'll spot 

hit it, go faster! 

Auntie Ingrid, Chloe and Sara 

Nathan, King of the tube 

Ava getting a present

sticker books, Love it!

Jacob, not wanting to get wet! 

My beached Ava, loving the water 

even Lexi got a tube ride! 

2nd time knee boarding 


Ava and Grammy,
going in for a nap
its tiring all this water stuff

Trevors catfish 

our traditional Dairy Dream stop 

What a fun weekend!


Jeanette said...

Awesome pictures!!! I love all the "lake type" activities! We often dream of owning a home on a lake :)

Jen said...

So fun! It's great that Ava loves the water, Sof isn't loving it! I'd love to get these cuties together. What do you think? Maybe we can make it work:)