Saturday, March 12, 2011

Turnabout 2011

It's that time of year again where school dances are all around.  This year Tyler was asked by his best girl friend.  This is a girl that has shared so much of Tylers life since they were in Kindergarten together (I love her, truly a great girl).  I am sad that his time in High School is almost over.  He has grown into a nice young man and he has loved all of his school years.

(Ava was trying so hard to grab Tylers flower!)

The whole gang!


Barb said...

They all look so nice all dressed up:) I love the pic of big brother and little sister together . . . so cute!

Kelly said...

Remember last year! Preparing for the shower to bring little Ava Grace home and me being your friend. Sorry I missed the picture session this year!

Jen said...

Love all of the pictures. I am not ready for my Tyler to start with the dances and stuff but I know it is right around the corner in just a couple of years.

And you can just tell he's such a great big brother to Ava.